Iranian authorities raised the Red Banner of Retribution over the dome of the Jamkaran Mosque


1 Iran — Saudi Arabia The Iranian authorities raised the «Red Banner of Retribution» over the dome of the Jamkaran mosque, in the city of Qom, which is equivalent to a declaration of war. ’The Wall Street Journal’ reported that Iran could attack Saudi Arabia and Iraqi Kurdistan in the near future. The Kingdom shared the intelligence with the USA, and warned of an Iranian attack, which put the American forces on a high alert. Earlier, Tehran accused the USA, the UK, Israel, and Saudi Arabia of organizing the protests in Iran.

2 Russia — the UK Russia will present to the UK Ambassador, Deborah Bronnert, the evidence of the UK involvement in the terrorist attack on the Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol — the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, stated on a briefing. She confirmed that the UK ambassador will be called to the Russian Foreign Office building, and provided with the evidence. Later, the general public will be able to see the evidence as well. On 29th of October, Ukraine carried out a terrorist attack on the warships of the Black Sea Fleet, and on the civilian vessels located inside and outside the Sevastopol naval base. The Russian Ministry of Defense added that the preparation of the attack and the training of the Ukrainian 73rd Special Naval Operations Center were carried out under the supervision of the UK specialists.

3 Russia — Ukraine — Turkey Russia is resuming its participation in the «grain deal», having received written guarantees from Ukraine. Kiev promised to not use the grain corridor for the military operations — the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. It was noted that such decision was possible thanks to the participation of the UN and Turkey. «It was possible to obtain the necessary written guarantees from Kiev on the non-use of the humanitarian corridor and ports on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, determined in the interests of the export of agricultural products, for conducting military operations against Russia, sent to the Joint Coordination Center on 1st of November, 2022» — the message stated. Moscow considers that the guarantees, received at the moment, appear to be sufficient, and thus resumes the implementation of the agreement.

4 Poland — Russia «The Polish Ministry of Defense is starting to build a 210-kilometer-long temporary fence on the border with the Kaliningrad region, in order to fortify the security» — the Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, told to the ’Polskie Radio’. «This decision was made due to the news that the Kaliningrad airport began to receive flights from North Africa and the Middle East» — Blaszczak specified during a press conference. The fence will be made of 3 rows of barbed wire. The work will begin on 2nd of November.

5 Republic of Donbass The Ukrainian forces attacked a children’s hospital in the city of Donetsk. Explosions took place in several districts of the city, as well as in the town of Makeevka. 5 massive attacks on the residential areas took place within 20 minutes. 3 people died, 1 was injured. The towns of Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, and Panteleymonovka were under fire for an entire day. The Kherson Oblast was attacked during the night. The local civilian infrastructure was under a direct fire. 3 rockets fell near the crossing over the Dnieper. 21 were intercepted by the Russian air defense forces.

6 Ukraine News about the Special Military Operation. The Ukrainian forces tried to attack in several areas at once, including the Kupyansky area. They have failed. The Russian forces repelled all the attacks, and pushed the Ukrainian forces back. Some Ukrainian weapons and equipment were destroyed. 1 Ukrainian ammo depot, and 1 fuel depot were destroyed. 1 Ukrainian aircraft ’’MiG-29’’ was shot down. About 60 drones and missiles, including the US-made rockets for the MLRS ’’HIMARS’’, and anti-radar US-made missles ’’HARM’’, were intercepted.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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