Israel and Palestine. Rocket strikes


1 Syria

«Starting 23rd of April, the Syrian military, together with the Russian Air Forces, have destroyed 338 terrorists, and more than 80 terrorist facilities and hideouts» — said the spokesman of the Russian forces in Syria. It was noted that 44 terrorists were detained. 20 combat vehicles were captured, and 6 were destroyed. 38 facilities and 45 shelters were destroyed. 26 terrorist stashes were found. More than 21.5 tons of ammo, 7 tons of materiel, and other property of the terrorists were found. Thanks to the joint reconnaissance and search operations, the terrorists suffered significant loses in manpower and equipment. Several terrorist attacks against the military and civilians of Syria were prevented.

2 The Gaza Strip — Israel

On Wednesday morning, the ’Palestinian Islamic Jihad’ movement launched 100 rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip at the city of Tel-Aviv and the suburbs. The ’Hamas’ movement announced the launch of 50 rockets at the Israeli city of Ashdod, and 100 rockets at the Israeli city of Beersheba. The Israeli air strikes against the enclave have killed 48 Palestinians since Monday. More than 300 people were injured. The IDF reported that since the start of the attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip, more than 1,000 rockets have been launched. 850 rockets flew over the Israeli border. Another 200 fell in the Gaza Strip itself. On Wednesday night, the IDF continued attacking the key military targets of the radicals in the Gaza Strip.

3 Afghanistan

The ’1TV’ reported, while citing a statement from a government official in the Afghan province of Wardak, that the Taliban captured the Narkh district, in the Wardak province. Wardak is located in the central Afghanistan, near Kabul. The ’1TV’ quoted a statement from the Afghan Interior Ministry — it stated that the security personnel left the checkpoint after some clashes with the terrorists.

4 Afghanistan — the USA

The Pentagon announced that after the start of the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, the USA won’t disclose the number of the US troops since ’’it would give the Taliban a certain level of awareness of the situation». According to the Pentagon’s spokesman John Kirby, the USA «must ensure the safety of the servicemen, especially during the withdrawal». He added that the Pentagon is interested in a political solution of the conflict via a settlement between the Afghan government, and the ’Taliban’. John Kirby noted that the USA will provide a logistical support to the Afghan military.

5 the CAR

The rebels from the «Coalition of Patriots for Change» announced the re-start of the hostilities in the Central African Republic against the local government forces — the local mass media reported. The rebels announced the stop of the negotiations with the authorities, and the beginning of an offensive on the capital of the country. They also announced their intention to dissolve the parliament, and form a «government of national salvation».

6 Russia

The number of victims of the recent school-shooting in Kazan increased to 23 people. There are now 20 children and 3 adults in the hospitals. On the morning of 12th of May the condition of all the victims was stable. The number has increased because some injuries were discovered after the wounded children came home. It was decided to bring 5 children and 4 adults to Moscow for the medical treatment. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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