Israeli Air Force Strikes Syria || Weekly News, 9th of May, 2020


‘Al-Hadath’ TV reported about an Israeli air attack on the Syrian army and the Iran-supported Shiia groups in eastern Syria. The airstrikes were launched against the ground targets near the city of Al-Meyadin, in the province of Deir ez-Zor. The «SANA» news agency reported that the Syrian air defenses repelled the Israeli missile attack in the northern province of Aleppo. According to the »SANA» — the air strikes were carried out by the Israeli Air Force against several military depots near Es Safir, to the south-east from the city of Aleppo. «The Syrian military are evaluating the damage done by the aggressive Israeli attack» — end of quote. A research center near Aleppo was attacked as well. The ‘Al-Hadath’ TV reported about 12 Israeli missiles launched at the research center. The ‘TASS’ news agency reported that the IDF press service refused to comment on the reports about the air strikes against Syria.

The IDF press service reported on Twitter that on Wednesday night, the IDF attacked 3 military posts of the Palestinian movement ‘Hamas’ in the Gaza Strip, in response to a launch of a rocket from the Gaza Strip at Israel. Earlier the IDF press service reported that 1 rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip at the Israeli territory. The Israeli radio station «Kan» reported that the rocket exploded in an uninhabited area. No injuries or material damage were reported.

The Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria reported that the Russian and Turkish forces carried out a patrol in the Idlib de-escalation zone. “For the first time, a joint patrol reached the city of Erich, in the province of Idlib. The length of the route was increased to about 15 km” — the center specified. Russia sent 2 ‘BTR-82A’ IFVs, and 1 ‘tiger’ armored vehicle to patrol the section of the M4 highway, that links the cities of Aleppo and Latakia. The Russian Air Force drones controlled the situation from above.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Russian military experts, together with the Italian military personnel, completed the disinfection of the elderly houses and the nearby areas in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy. Due to the completion of the Russian humanitarian operation in Italy, the Russian military transferred to the Italians their field hospital in Bergamo, which was deployed by the specialists of the Russian Ministry of Defense to provide the assistance. The field hospital was transferred with the medical equipment and supplies as an act of a humanitarian aid. The representatives of the authorities of the city of Bergamo, located in the Lombardy region, expressed their gratitude to the Russian doctors.

«The Wall Street Journal» reports while citing their sources in the Pentagon that the USA are reducing their military presence in Saudi Arabia. Washington will relocate 4 AA missile batteries ‘Patriot’ since the threat to the US strategic interests, posed by Iran, has declined. According to »The Wall Street Journal» — the USA have pulled out 2 fighter squadrons from the Middle East. Several dozen servicemen are being recalled from Saudi Arabia as well. The Pentagon will soon consider a reduction of the number of warships in the Persian Gulf. The US Defense Department considers it important to pay more attention to the Chinese military presence in Asia — »The Wall Street Journal» concluded.

The press service of the Venezuelan Ministry of Defense announced the start of a new stage of the military exercises »Bolivarian Shield 2020». «The priority will be given to the coastal region» — the press service quoted the head of the Venezuelan Ministry of Defense, Vladimir Padrino Lopez. It was underlined that the Venezuelan military will monitor the coastal areas in order to prevent the infiltration of «individuals, or even cells of conspirators who want to undermine the peace in Venezuela». Earlier the Venezuelan authorities reported that they prevented an invasion of a group of mercenaries from Colombia. The mercenaries intended to carry out a coup in Venezuela. According to the chairman of the Venezuelan Constitutional Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, the mercenaries tried to enter Venezuela by boats, from the sea. The Colombian Foreign Ministry denied the accusations by the Venezuelan authorities regarding the invasion of mercenaries to carry out a coup d’état in Venezuela. The ministry stated that Caracas accuses Bogotá in order to distract the attention from the internal Venezuelan problems. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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