Libya. Fighting near Tripoli.


1 Syria

The SANA news agency reported that more than 700 landmines and IEDs were found during the clearing of the Hama province, recently liberated from the terrorists. It was reported that to the east from the city of Al-Salamiya, on the Asria road, the Syrian combat engineers found more than 700 landmines and other explosive devices, planted by the terrorists.

2 The USA

The «Associated Press» reported that at least 11 people died during the riots in the USA, caused by the death of George Floyd. The victims were residents of Chicago, state of Illinois, Detroit, state of Michigan, Omaha, state of Nebraska, Davenport, state of Iowa, Oakland, state of California, and Louisville, state of Kentucky. Most of the dead were African-Americans. According to the »Associated Press» — at least 9,300 people have been detained since the start of the riots in the USA. 2,700 people were detained in Los Angeles. About 1,500 people were detained in New York. Several hundred people were detained in Dallas, Houston and Philadelphia. The detainees were charged with looting, violation of the curfew, and blocking the roads. «Reuters» reported, while citing Jonathan Hoffman, an official representative of the US defense department, that due to the riots — the Pentagon has deployed about 1,600 troops in Washington.

3 Libya

The official military representative of the Libyan Government of the National Accord, Colonel Mohammed Kanuno, stated on Facebook that on Wednesday the GNA military launched an operation in order to push out the Libyan National Army troops from the international airport of Tripoli. «We officially announce the start of the operation aimed to free the airport» — he stated. It was reported that the goal of the operation is to push out the remnants of Haftar’s troops at the Tripoli Airport. Mohammed Kanuno noted that two days ago, the GNA military surrounded the airport. Earlier all the military bases south of Tripoli were taken by the GNA. Mohammed Kanuno added that the GNA military launched airstrikes on the armored vehicles of the LNA, stationed at the Tripoli Airport and the nearby areas.

4 Turkey — Libya

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated on air of the »24 TV» that the head of the LNA, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, can’t win the war in Libya. «Khaftar is still not a supporter of the political solution. There are a number of countries that support him. Recently, the clashes in Libya have intensified. Khaftar still won’t win this war» — Cavusoglu concluded. The Turkish Foreign Minister underlined that the fights between the LNA and the GNA, headed by Faiz Sarraj, have intensified. The GNA troops are «counter-attacking, and they started pushing Khaftar back». According to Cavusoglu — «Khaftar has no strength to win without receiving support from outside — namely without airplanes from Egypt and Abu Dhabi». Cavusoglu added that the GNA forces are successfully moving along the coastline from Tripoli to the borders with Tunisia, by land and by air.

5 Venezuela

The US Department of the Treasury’s Foreign Assets Control Office has placed 4 companies and 4 ships on the Venezuelan sanctions list. 3 sanctioned companies are registered in the Marshall Islands, 1 in Greece. The US ministry claims that «they work in the oil sector of the Venezuelan economy». Placement into the list of sanctions means the freezing of their assets in the USA, and a ban for the American citizens and companies to do business with these companies. The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreasa, stated that the new sanctions of Washington against the companies, involved in the transportation of fuel from Iran to Venezuela, »demonstrate the obsession of the US authorities», and »the sanctions are a crime against humanity».

6 Afghanistan

9 civilians were killed, 5 were injured by an explosion of a roadside bomb in the Kandahar province — the ‘RIA NEWS’ reports while citing a source in the southern Afghanistan. «9 people were killed, 5 were injured when a roadside bomb exploded next to a passing civilian car in the Argistan region this morning» — the source reported. The Taliban have yet to comment on the incident. According to the source — the bomb could have been planted by the Taliban. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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