Long-range aircraft of the Russian Federation strike at the Azovstal plant


The liberation of the city of Mariupol continues. The main part of the Ukrainian forces are located at the Azovstal factory. Long-range Russian aircraft, namely the strategic bombers, joined the operation in city of Mariupol. They delivered several air-strikes at the Ukrainian positions at the Azovstal factory. A military source from the DPR reported that ’FAB-500’ aerial bombs were used. The recently captured Ukrainian marines gave their assessment to the work of the Russian aviation. The constant air strikes hastened their mass surrender from the Ilyich factory. Mariupol is the largest DPR city, controlled by the Ukrainian military. The military operation has been going on since the start of March. The Ukrainian military presence has been contained to the Azovstal factory and the Primorsky district of the city.

The Ukrainian forces invaded the Russian airspace with 2 attack helicopters with heavy weaponry. They moved at a low altitude and carried out at least 6 air strikes on the residential buildings in the village of Klimovo, from the Klimovsky district, in the Bryansk region. As a result of the direct hits — at least 6 residential buildings on Zarechnaya and Lenin streets were damaged. 7 people, including 1 child born in 2020, were injured. The Ukrainian forces also fired from mortars at the «Novye Yurkovichi» border checkpoint in the Bryansk region. On the territory of that border checkpoint there were more than 30 Ukrainian civilians who were on their way to Russia. The firing position was suppressed by the return fire. 2 vehicles of the refugees were damaged. There were no casualties. The checkpoint continues to operate as usual.

The Zhulianski machine-building factory «Vizar» was attacked by Russian missiles. Workshops for production and repair of anti-aircraft missile systems were destroyed. A Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter, which attacked the Russian village of Klimovo, in the Bryansk region, on 14th of April, was shot down by a Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile system on it’s way back to the airbase near the village of Gorodnya, in the Chernigov region. A Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet and 8 UAVs were shot down near the village of Lozovaya, in the Kharkov region. A Ukrainian launcher for tactical missiles «Tochka-U», and a point of temporary deployment of a Ukrainian nationalist formation, including up to 20 armored vehicles and up to 50 Ukrainian nationalists, were destroyed near the village of Yasenovoe. Ukrainian forces and equipment were destroyed near the villages of Dergachi, Novoelizavetovka, Povstanskoe. Warehouses for rockets and artillery and fuel were destroyed in Nikolaev and Parutino. 221 Ukrainian military facilities, including 12 command posts, 176 strongholds and manpower concentration areas were hit. 12 artillery firing positions were suppressed.

On 14th of April, the Russian missile cruiser ’Moskva’ sank while being towed to a port during a storm, likely due to the damage, sustained by an ammo detonation that resulted from a fire. The crew has been evacuated — the TASS reported while citing the Russian Ministry of Defense. «The warship lost stability while being towed to the port of destination due to the damage to the hull, received during a fire, caused by an ammo detonation. The warship sank in stormy sea» — the sources of the TASS in the ministry stated. The missile cruiser Moskva was launched in 1979. The main weaponry was the P-1000 ’Vulkan’ anti-ship missiles. The cruiser had 8 twin launchers, capable to launch 16 missiles at once. Sea-based anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 ’’Fort’’ and the anti-aircraft missile systems ’Osa’ protected the warship from air attacks.

Vladimir Putin stated that Belarus is suitable for the further negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. He added that the start of a direct dialogue with Ukraine was possible only thanks to the personal efforts of Alexander Lukashenko. During a personal meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, Vladimir Putin discussed the formation of a single defense space and the security matters of the Union State. Putin stated that he informed Lukashenko in details about the special military operation in Donbass, and about the course of the negotiation process between Moscow and Kiev. Putin specified that Ukraine has departed from the agreements that were reached with Russia in Istanbul.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated that Russia sees no reason why Russia can’t continue the negotiations with Ukraine. «I see no reason why we can’t continue the negotiations. Even though Ukraine is being slippery all the time, and sometimes Ukraine completely rejects what Ukraine proposed recently. We are patient and persistent people» — Sergey Lavrov said during an interview to the «Russia 24» TV channel. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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