Militants of radical groups at Azovstal surrender


1 Donbass

The Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, reported that 1,908 Ukrainian servicemen and radicals surrendered from the territory of the ’Azovstal’ factory in Mariupol. He added that the Russian and the DPR forces carried out an evacuation of some civilians as well. “The Ukrainian nationalists from the factory started to surrender. So far — 1,908 people have laid down their weapons. Earlier, 1,387 Ukrainian marines surrendered in the same area» — the TASS quoted his words, spoken on 20th of May, during a board meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Among the evacuated civilians there were 85 women and 47 children. «All of them received a qualified medical and psychological help» — Sergei Shoigu concluded.

2 Donbass

Recently the spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, stated at a morning briefing that 1,730 Ukrainian servicemen, trapped in the ’Azovstal’ factory, had surrendered. The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, didn’t tell the exact number of PoWs. He noted that “more than a half of the Ukrainian servicemen has already left. They have already laid down their weapons, and came out with white flags». Kiev gave no comments on the Russian statements. Ukraine prefers to call the surrender of the Ukrainian radicals to be an «evacuation». The Ukrainian mass media and the politicians prefer to never mention the events at the ’Azovstal’ factory. The Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Anna Malyar, called the statements of Moscow and the numbers of the Ukrainian servicemen who have surrendered to be a ’’propaganda’’. The PoWs were sent to hospitals and some pre-trial detention centers — they are awaiting for their trials.

3 The USA — Ukraine

The USA will send additional artillery pieces to Ukraine. In addition to the artillery, Ukraine will receive some extra military equipment. The USA plan to transfer 18 additional ’M-777’ guns, plus some artillery tractors. As the additional equipment, it is planned to send 3 anti-artillery radars and similar field equipment. There are also possible deliveries of anti-ship missiles ’Harpoon’, and MLRS ’HIMARS’. So far, Washington can’t make a final decision on the transfer of these weapons to Ukraine. Earlier the USA sent 90 artillery guns ’M-777’ to Ukraine, which are already in use by Ukraine. Some of those M-777s were recently hit by the Russian artillery.

4 Australia — Ukraine

Australia plans to send more military equipment to Ukraine, such as the APCs ’Bushmaster’ and ’M-113’ — the ’’Australian defense’’ news agency reported. The new shipment of aid to Ukraine is valued at more than $60 millions of US dollars. It includes 20 ’Bushmasters’, and 14 ’M-113s’. Aside from that, Ukraine will get 60 pallets of medical donations from the Australian citizens. Plus 3 pallets of radiation monitoring equipment and personal protective equipment from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Authority, and the Australian Organization for the Nuclear Science and Technology.

5 Ukraine

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov, stated that the Russian missile forces destroyed 12 Ukrainian command posts. 213 areas of concentration of manpower and armor were hit. 24 Ukrainian artillery and mortar units, plus 3 ammo depots, were hit as well. «The Russian artillery and missile forces hit 12 Ukrainian command posts, 213 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment, 24 artillery and mortar units in their own firing positions, plus 3 ammo depots located near the village of Chuguev, in the Kharkov region» — end of quote.

6 Russia

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated that during the Russian special operation — all the fears of Russia about the things that the West was trying to do with Ukraine — were confirmed on 100%. Sergey Lavrov made such statement during a press conference after the negotiations with his Malian counterpart, Abdula Diop. “We reminded to our Malian friends in details about what has been happening in Ukraine over the many recent years. Including the 8 years when Ukraine flat-out refused to comply with the UN Security Council resolution on the settlement in Donbass. We explained once again why we had no other choice but to start a military operation” — he explained. «All the tasks that were set by Vladimir Putin, first of all, the protection of people, the civilians in Ukraine, living mostly in Donbass. As well as the prevention of possible direct threats to the security of Russia in Ukraine. The tasks will be fulfilled, most certainly» — Sergei Lavrov stated and added that the Ukrainian negotiating team is being directed from London and Washington. Russia got such info via several channels — the RT reported. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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