Military operation against the Houthi


Donald Trump twitted that the US intelligence services have debunked the information on the alleged Russian attempts to offer a reward to the Afghan terrorists for killing the US troops. On Friday ‘The New York Times’ reported that the Russian military intelligence had encouraged the Taliban terrorists to attack the international coalition troops in Afghanistan. Donald Trump called that publication from «The New York Times» to be «an another fake news». The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the article contains false information. On Friday, the Russian embassy in Washington stated that the false publications in the US mass media about Afghanistan led to the threats against the Russian diplomats. On Monday the Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, called the publication of ‘The New York Times’ to be a fake news. The Taliban also refuted the allegations that they have, allegedly, received funds from the Russian military intelligence to carry out attacks in Afghanistan.

«The Indian Express» reports while citing their Indian military sources that India and China continue to send their troops to the east of Ladakh, despite the agreement reached in June to pull back the troops from the control line. «The Indian Express» reported that India deployed two regiments of T-90 tanks, IFVs, and 155-mm howitzers all over the control line in the Ladakh zone. These actions were taken in response to the concentration of the Chinese troops and vehicles in the Galvan River Valley, high alert status at the Chinese air bases, and construction of Chinese military helipads on the control line in Ladakh. »The Hindustan Times» reported that in Chushul, on the Indian side of the control line, negotiations took place at the level of commanders of the Indian and Chinese ground forces. This is the 3rd meeting for the implemention of the agreements on the de-escalation of tension, and for pulling back the troops from the control line in the Union territory of Ladakh.

The »Al Masirah» TV reported that the aviation of the Saudi-led coalition carried out massive airstrikes on the Yemeni provinces, including the metropolitan area. About 20 airstrikes were inflicted on the capital of Yemen, Sana’a, including the capital’s international airport. Almost as many airstrikes were carried out on other targets in the metropolitan province. In the northern province of Sa’ada, during the bombing of the so-called “Arabian alliance”, 2 civilians were killed and 4 were injured. On Wednesday the coalition announced the start of a large-scale operation aimed to destroy the combat potential of the rebels in response to more frequent cases of the cross-border attacks on Saudi Arabia by rebels, who even use ballistic missiles and drones. The representative of the rebels, Muhammad Abdel Salam, stated that the Yemeni people retain their right to self-defense, and they will give a strong counter-attack to the aggressor.

The Hong Kong law enforcement’s press service reported that the police continue to crack down on the anti-government protests. More than 300 people were detained. «Among them are 5 men and 4 women suspected of violation of the new ‘Hong Kong national security’ law» — the report specified. Thousands of protesters gathered in the Causeway Bay and Wanchai districts. They protested the adoption of the ‘Hong Kong National Security Act’ by the Chinese Parliament. The demonstrators scattered and set fire to debris on the roadway. They also tried to block the road traffic. Acts of vandalism were recorded as well. The police used tear gas, rubber bullets, and water cannons to disperse the crowd. One of the policemen was injured with a sharp object.

The ‘SANA’ news agency reported that the US military built a new airbase in the ‘Al-Yarubiya’ region, in the province of Hasakah, in order to expand their presence in the Syrian region ‘Al-Jazeera’ in order to plunder the oil and other resources. It was reported that the US forces are delivering equipment and materials to the airbase. They are erecting concrete barriers, building barracks and a road. The ‘SANA’ underlined that the presence of the US military in the Syrian territory is illegal

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