Missile attack on Damascus


1 Syria

The SANA news agency reports that the Syrian air defense systems repelled an air attack on Damascus. According to the news agency — the air attack was carried out from the Golan Heights, currently occupied by Israel. Most of the missiles were shot down before they could reach their targets. The Israeli military did not comment on the mass media reports about the attacks on Damascus.

2 Syria

The news agency SANA quoted the statement made by the Syrian high command. They announced that the air defense systems repelled 2 Israeli missile attacks. 8 Syrian servicemen were injured, some material damage was inflicted as well. It was reported that the army positions near Damascus were attacked first. «Then the strikes were aimed at the southern cities of Deraa and Al Quneitra». The attacks were made from the Lebanese airspace, and from the occupied Golan Heights. «The Syrian air defense forces managed to hit a large number of enemy air targets» — the statement specified. The Syrian high command underlined that «the escalation of aggression by Israel won’t save the terrorist groups that suffer a crushing defeat from the Syrian army in the province of Idlib, and in the west of Aleppo».

3 Syria

The «Al Mayadeen» TV reports that on Wednesday the Syrian army entered the city of Sarakib, which served as an outpost of the terrorist group «Jebhat al-Nusra» in the province of Idlib. The Syrian military began searching the residential areas of Sarakib after the terrorists left it. The «Al Mayadeen» TV also reports that the Syrian army is chasing the terrorists, currently retreating from Sarakib. On Wednesday, after a fierce battle with the terrorists, the Syrian army liberated the town of Duir, located to the north of the city.

4 Syria

The Syrian Foreign Ministry accused Turkey and Israel of supporting the terrorists. On Thursday night, a convoy of Turkish troops entered the Idlib province at the same time when Israel carried out a missile attack on Damascus. “The Turkish troops illegally crossed the Syrian border and were deployed in the villages of Binish, Maaret-Misrin, and Taftanaz — under the cover of the Israeli aggression” — the press service of the Syrian Foreign Ministry stated.

5 Russia

As a result of the increased terrorist activity over the past 2 weeks, some Russian and Turkish specialists have died in Idlib. This was reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry. No details were given. It was underlined that there are hundreds of dead and wounded among the Syrian military and civilians.

6. Turkey

Turkey has promised a tough response for the violation of stability in Syria — Ankara accuses Damascus — the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced during a press conference in Baku. «If the Syrian government continues to attack — we won’t stop either. We will give a tough response” — the Turkish minister said. Cavusoglu also didn’t rule out a meeting between the presidents of Turkey and Russia on Idlib. “It was decided to continue to work together. Now we are waiting for the arrival of the delegation from Russia. After that, if the need arises, the leaders can meet as well. Our goal is to stop the attacks» — Cavusoglu concluded. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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