Moscow and Beijing are conducting joint military exercises. || Спецвыпуск 15.08.2021


This is a special program from the ’ANNA NEWS’. I am Constantine Reztsov.

Moscow and Beijing are conducting joint large-scale exercises in north of China. A large number of military personnel and the latest military equipment of both forces are being involved in the training. The ’Welt’ reported on the conduct of military activities of the two neighboring countries.

The German journalists highlighted the concerns of the USA about the possible formation of a military alliance between China and Russia. So far, there is no such strategic association, however, the two countries have demonstrated their power and combined potential to the Western states via such joint military training once again.

During the week, large-scale exercises with the Russian military took place in north-west of China. In total more than 10,000 military personnel were involved — such as infantry units, tank crews, air force, and the artillery servicemen. The Chinese and Russian authorities stated that the main task of the training was the fight against the terrorism.

The commanding officer Liu Xiaou stated that the training involved recon aircraft, fighters, and multi-purpose drones, used for scouting and warfare.

The joint training sessions between Russia and China have been held since 2009. The situation for Washington gets worse since 2014, when Russia took Crimea, and the US relations with China got stuck in a state of active confrontation each year.

The ’ANNA NEWS’ follows the events. Stay tuned.

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