Moscow and Beijing oppose the NATO expansion || Спецвыпуск 06.02.2022


This is a special program from the ANNA NEWS, I am Constantine Reztsov.

China and Russia issued a joint statement, made during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Beijing. The document is a list of programs — it contains the plans of China and Russia to oppose the NATO expansion. Russia posted the statement on the Kremlin website.

Both states issued a joint statement opposing the further NATO expansion. Beijing and Moscow urged the NATO leadership to abandon the Cold War ideology in order to respect the security, sovereignty, and interests of other states. The NATO is obliged to respect the diversity of the civilizational and cultural and historical patterns, in order to objectively and fairly perceive the peaceful development of other countries.

It was noted that the Chinese authorities expressed their solidarity with the Russian proposals regarding the security guarantees in Europe. All those points were taken into account in the document. There are a number of other points in the joint statement as well.

Firstly, there are some forces on the world stage that continue to «defend the one-sided approach to solve the international problems, they use the power politics, and practice interference in the internal affairs of other states».

Secondly, the principle of democratic freedoms has a supranational significance. “Democracy is a universal value, not a privilege of some states. The promotion and defense of the Democracy is the common task of the entire world. Democracy is not being built on stencils.”

Thus follows the assertion of the status and importance of both countries. The parties officially underline the following: «Russia and China, as world powers with a rich cultural and historical heritage, have deep traditions of democracy based on thousands of years of development experience, broad popular support, and the needs and interests of their own citizens».

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