Nagorno-Karabakh. Shelling of cities


1 Azerbaijan

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported about Armenian shelling of the villages in Agdam and Agjabedi regions. «On 2nd of November, from 6 am, the Armenian troops shell the villages in Agdam and Agjabedi regions» — the report stated. It was noted that on Monday night, the military operations in the conflict zone continued mostly in the Agdam, Hojavend, and Gubadli sectors. «During the day, a large number of manpower, 4 MLRS ‘BM-21 Grad’, 10 different types of artillery guns, 3 ammo trucks, and 5 other enemy vehicles were destroyed or disabled in various sectors of the frontline» — the the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan stated.

2 Nagorno-Karabakh

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report. The Azerbaijani army came close to the city of Shusha. It was specified that the president of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh republic, Arayik Harutunyan, called for the defense of the city. It was noted that hundreds of volunteers are arriving at the frontline.

3 Nagorno-Karabakh

The United Armenian Informational Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of Armenia reported that on Monday night and during the day, the Azerbaijani Air Force bombarded the cities of Martakert, Martuni, and nearby settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh. «On the night of 2nd of November, and during the day, the Azerbaijani troops shelled the settlements of Artsakh. The situation is serious, especially in the cities of Martuni, Martakert, and in the surrounding areas. In addition to the MLRS ‘Grad’ and ‘Smerch’, the enemy also uses their military aviation» — the message stated.

4 Syria

The Deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, Rear-Admiral Alexander Grinkevich, stated during a briefing on Sunday that the terrorists are preparing new provocations in the Idlib DMZ. He explained that «information is being received about the preparation of new provocations by the terrorist groups in the Idlib DMZ, in order to accuse the Syrian government forces of violating the ceasefire, and attacking the populated areas». Alexander Grinkevich pointed out that the terrorists are »hiring the locals from the settlements of Tekad and Kafr-Nuran to participate in filming of a staged footage that supposedly shows the consequences of the attacks of the government forces»

5 Afghanistan

The ‘1TV’ reported while citing the Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman that the Afghan intelligence services are conducting an operation at the University of Kabul. Earlier the ‘Tolo News’ TV reported while citing the Afghan Interior Ministry that there was a shooting near the university of Kabul. It was reported that an explosion was heard at the area as well. Several armed men entered the building. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the special forces have arrived at the scene. The ‘Tolo News’ TV reported while citing their sources that the explosion and the shooting took place during the opening ceremony of a book exhibition, which was attended by representatives of Afghanistan and Iran. The Afghan Ministry of Health stated that at least 8 people were injured in the attack. The ‘1TV’ reported that the Taliban has denied any involvement in the attack.

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