North Korea conducted new missile tests


Korea’s Central Telegraph Agency revealed the details of the missile launches on 31st of July. The agency reported that the North Korean officials, scientists, and engineers proudly conducted »the first test launch of a new type of guided missile» which will «play a major role in the ground-based military operations». It was reported that “North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally controlled the test launch from the newly developed large-caliber multi-purpose missile system”. He was allegedly pleased with the test results. During the launches, the tactical and technical characteristics of the new missile were tested. As well as »the combat effectiveness of the entire missile system». According to the North Korean leader, the new weapon will become an “imminent disaster” for the enemies of the DPRK.

“On 2nd of August, 2019, by the initiative of the USA, the Treaty between the USSR and the USA on the elimination of their own medium-range and short-range missiles, which was signed in Washington on 8th of December of 1987, was terminated” — RIA NEWS quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry. Earlier, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced that Russia sent proposals to the USA and the NATO to declare a moratorium on the deployment of medium and short-range missiles, similar to the one announced earlier by Vladimir Putin. He declared that Russia would refrain from deploying such systems until the appearance of the American missiles of the same type in Europe. Today, the US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, officially confirmed Washington’s withdrawal from the INF treaty.

An airstrike of the coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, on the positions of the rebels in the north of Yemen killed at least 10 civilians. Some of them were children — the Associated Press reports. It was noted that the coalition warplanes attacked the Houthi-controlled province of Sa’ada. According to the Houthi health service — 27 people suffered as a result of the air strike.

The Syrian authorities agreed on a ceasefire in the Idlib DMZ starting from the night of 2nd of August. According to the Syrian media — Damascus agreed on this step only if all parties comply with the terms of the ‘Sochi agreement’, which provides the withdrawal of the heavy weapons. Damascus insists that the terrorists must retreat for 20 km from the border of the DMZ. The delegation of the Syrian opposition, presented at the talks in the city of Nur Sultan, agreed on a truce. The terrorists of the ‘Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’ group, that controls most of the province, didn’t respond to Damascus’s initiative. Recently, the situation in Idlib got significantly worse. The terrorists increased the intensity of shelling of the Syrian settlements, and they increased the amount of attempts to seize additional territory. At the end of July, 8 settlements in Idlib were attacked.

Large-scale exercises of the Russian Baltic Fleet «Ocean Shield-2019» has began in the Baltic Sea — RIA NEWS reports with a reference to the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense. From 1st to 9th of August, 49 warships and gunboats, 20 support vessels, 58 naval and air-space aircraft will be involved in the exercises. As well as more than 10,000 troops. During the exercises, it is planned to check the readiness of the Russian Baltic Fleet to protect the national interests, and to improve the «fleet management skills.»

The Libyan National Army under the leadership of Marshal Khalifa Haftar launched the second stage of the attack on the Libyan capital of Tripoli — RIA NEWS reports with a reference on the statement of the deputy of parliament in the Libyan city of Tobruk — Ali al-Qaidi. Earlier, the Libyan National Army declared that the first stage of the attack on Tripoli was successful. On 4th of April the commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, ordered his forces to launch an offensive on Tripoli in order to «liberate it from the terrorists». The troops in Tripoli, loyal to the Government of National Consent, announced the start of a response operation, “Vulcan of Wrath”. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 1,050 people died as a result of the fighting for Tripoli. Over 5,500 people were injured.

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