Provocations of the terrorists in Syria


1 Syria

The head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Rear-Admiral Alexander Shcherbitsky, announced that the terrorists had prepared at least 15 explosive devices with unknown poisonous substances inside to make a provocation in the Syrian settlements. According to the information from the local population — the terrorists from the ‘Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group’ are »planning a provocation in the area of ​​the settlements of Sfukhon, Fatira, and Flyifel — in the province of Idlib. Their goal is to accuse the Syrian troops of using chemical weapons» — Shcherbitsky explained. He added that the terrorists from the ‘Jebhat al-Nusra’ group carried out 5 shellings in Idlib province, 1 shelling in Latakia province, and 1 in Aleppo.

2 The UN — Syria

The ‘TASS’ news agency reports while citing their source at the UN that the Security Council hasn’t adopted the draft resolution, recently proposed by Russia, on the delivery of the humanitarian aid to Syria via 1 checkpoint on the border with Turkey. «7 countries voted ‘against’ the resolution. 4 supported the document. 4 abstained. Thus, the document wasn’t adopted» — the German Permanent Representative to the UN, Christoph Heusgen, who is the chairman of the Security Council in July, have explained. The resolution, proposed by Russia, was voted ‘for’ by Russia, China, Vietnam, and South Africa. Indonesia, Niger, Saint Vincent, the Grenadines, and Tunisia abstained. The UK, the USA, France, Belgium, Germany, and the Dominican Republic, as well as Estonia voted ‘against’. Earlier, the Russian Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, stated that Moscow considers it necessary to gradually curtail the cross-border aid mechanism for Syria since the situation in Syria has changed over the past 6 years. Currently most of the country is under control of Damascus. The aid to Syria can be delivered by an agreement with Damascus.

3 Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that over the past day, the Russian representatives of the commission, made to identify the violations of the ceasefire in Syria, recorded 7 such violations. The Turkish representatives recorded a single violation. «The Russian representatives from the joint Russian-Turkish commission, made to identify the issues related to the violation of the ceasefire, recorded 7 cases of fire fights. 1 in Idlib, 3 in Aleppo, 3 in Latakia. The Turkish representatives recorded 1 fire fight in the province of Latakia» — the message explained. It was reported that over the past day, the Russian side held 2 humanitarian actions in the provinces of Idlib and Deir Ez-Zor.

4 Iran — the USA

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, stated that Tehran has denied the allegations from the US State Department that Iran has supplied arms to the ‘Ansar Allah’ rebellious Yemeni movement. Abbas Mousavi added that the USA are trying to lie to justify the extension of their «policy of maximum pressure, and the realization of their evil intentions», since they «feel that they are unable to maintain the arms embargo against Iran» — end of quote. Earlier on Wednesday, the US Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, announced that in June, the Americans and their allies had detained a ship that was delivering the Iranian weapons to the Yemeni rebels. In this regard, Michael Pompeo called on the UN Security Council to extend the arms embargo against Iran.

5 South Korea

The ‘Yonhap’ news agency reported while citing their sources that on Thursday, in Seoul, the US Special Representative for the DPRK, Stephen Bigan, and the head of the national security department of the presidential administration of South Korea, So Hong, discussed the ways to reduce the tensions on the Korean peninsula, and how to resume the dialogue with the DPRK. Earlier Stephen Bigan stated that Washington is ready to resume the dialogue with the DPRK «at any time». According to him, the USA are still «fully involved» in the efforts to establish a lasting peace in the region. He also confirmed the commitment of Washington to protect South Korea from any external threats.

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