Riots on the West Bank


This is a special program from the ’ANNA NEWS’. I am Constantine Reztsov.

After the declaration of a truce between the Israeli military and the Hamas movement, demonstrations began in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which escalated into riots and clashes with the police.

After a Friday prayer, riots broke out at the Al-Aq Mosque, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The protesters threw stones at the police. The police responded with flashbang grenades and tear gas. As a result at least 20 people were injured, 16 were detained.

Hours later, clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police broke out across the West Bank. The number of victims, with the exception of the Jerusalem riots, is at least 14 people.

The recent truce between the IDF and Hamas came into force at 2 am, on 21st of May. Both sides were quick to announce their victory — the Israeli military spoke about the destruction of the command structure of the terrorists, and Palestine stated that the truce was a «victory for the Resistance».

The ’ANNA NEWS’ follows the events. Stay tuned.

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