Russia will supply Su-35 or Su-57 fighters to Turkey


1 the USA The US administration will try to return Russia back to the G8 — the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced. When a journalist asked him “is it worth to invite Russia to the G7” — Mark Pompeo replied that Donald Trump considers it to be necessary. His administration intends to work in this direction. Earlier, Donald Trump announced that he could invite Russia as a guest to the next G7 summit in the USA. He supposed that Vladimir Putin might not accept such invitation. Donald Trump also noted that the inclusion of Russia to the G8 as a full member would be useful for both Russia and the entire world.

2 Ukraine

The large-scale multinational military exercises »Rapid Trident-2019» will be held in Ukraine. More than 3,500 troops from 14 NATO countries and NATO partners will partake in the training — the US Army command in Europe announced. “About 3,700 troops from 14 allied and partner countries, including nearly 375 US troops and civilian specialists, will take part in the exercises” — the US Army Command in Europe announced on Twitter. The exercises will be held from 13th of 28th of September, in the ‘International Center for the Peacekeeping and Security of the National Army Academy’, near the city of Lviv.

3 Japan — the USA

The US State Department approved the sale of 73 anti-missiles to Japan worth of $3.29 billions of dollars — the Pentagon Defense and Security Cooperation Agency reports. The US plan to sell the »SM-3 Block 2-A» anti-missiles and the »Mk-29» launchers. As the agency noted, this deal will enhance the US foreign policy and the national security by increasing the defense capability of a «major ally» in the Asia-Pacific region. It was specified that such step won’t affect the military balance in the region. Earlier the Japanese Ministry of Defense approved the purchase of 42 F-35B fighter jets.

4 Russia — Turkey

Russia and Turkey held consultations on the possible supply of Su-35 or Su-57 fighters — the Director of the Russian Federal Service for the Military-Technical Cooperation, Dmitry Shugaev, announced. According to him, in the near future there will be preliminary negotiations on a possible sale of the fighters, with the participation of the deputy head of the secretariat of the Turkish defense industry Ismail Demir. Dmitriy Shugaev added that in addition to the fighter jets, Moscow can also sell aircraft engines and electronic warfare hardware to Ankara. And also — help Turkey to create its own fifth-generation fighter «TF-X». On Tuesday, at the »MAKS-2019» airspace salon in the town of Zhukovsky, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked Vladimir Putin about the possibility of a purchase of the Su-57 fighters.

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