Russian Armed Forces Launch Rocket Attacks on Ukraine’s Infrastructure


1 Ukraine The Russian forces once again attacked the infrastructure of Ukraine. There were hits in the Kiev, Kharkov, Zhytomyr, Zaporozhye, Cherkasy, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Lvov, and Rovno regions. In a number of regions the local critical infrastructure facilities have been put out of action — especially in the Kharkov, Cherkasy, and Zaporozhye regions. A power outage took place in those regions. The subway in the city of Kharkov has stopped working. Some Ukrainian railways were cut off the grid, and train traffic has stalled. 1 missile strike damaged the DneproGES power plant — the facility is on fire. The Novodnestrovskaya HPP in the Odessa region was hit. Long-range aircraft of the Russian Air Force are being used in the aforementioned strikes. Kh-101 missiles are being used to destroy the Ukrainian facilities. The air defense forces of Ukraine are trying to repel the missile strikes. They don’t have much success.

2 Ukraine The head of the Kiev regional military administration, Aleksey Kuleba, stated that the residents of the Kiev region could be relocated to other regions, for a while, if the situation with the power outages becomes critical. «If we come to a conclusion that the infrastructure is so damaged that the situation can’t be resolved quickly — we have a plan to temporarily transport people to the regions, where the situation is more stable» — the RBC-Ukraine quoted his words. He underlined that this is planned for the worst case scenario. «Now everything is calm. We are not evacuating anyone» — Kuleba concluded. On the morning of 31st of October air alerts were announced all over Ukraine. The Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Kirill Timoshenko, reported about a massive attack on the critical infrastructure, and the introduction of emergency power outages — the TASS reported.

3 Donbass The mayor of Donetsk, Aleksey Kulemzin, reported that the Ukrainian forces shelled the center of Donetsk. Fires broke out in the residential buildings. ’’The residential buildings on the Vatutin Avenue were hit. Fire broke out as the result» — he reported on his Telegram channel. The DPR’s Territorial Defense HQ reported that a gas pipeline was damaged near one of the houses on Shchorsa Street, in the Voroshilovsky district of the city. The Ukrainian forces fired 8 shells at Donetsk, including 155mm NATO shells. 3 shells were fired upon the Petrovsky and Kirovsky districts. 2 shells hit the Kievsky district — the RIA NEWS reported.

4 Donbass On the morning of 31st of October the Ukrainian forces attacked the LPR town of Alchevsk with the US-made MLRS ’HIMARS’. 2 rockets were fired around the town. The building of the ’Metallurg Hotel’ was destroyed. 1 civilian still remains under the rubble. The rescue work is underway. Investigators from the Investigative Committee of Russia have inspected the damaged building of the hotel. During the inspection some pieces of missiles, likely from the NATO, were found. Those pieces of missiles will be sent for a proper examination.

5 Ukraine The minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Aleksandr Kubrakov, stated on 31st of October that the 7th ship from the UN Food Program left the Ukrainian port. «These products are intended for Ethiopians facing the real possibility of mass starvation’’ — end of quote. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine claims that on 31st of October, 12 ships left the ports of Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny with almost 355,000 of tons of agricultural products for the countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Passage to the ports of Ukraine for the loading was given to 4 vessels that have passed a recent inspection at the Coordination Center with the participation of all parties, including representatives of Russia. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, their passage was agreed between the UN and Turkey. Russia left the «grain deal» on 30th of October, but it was ’’informed» nonetheless.

6 Russia On 31st of October the press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, told to the reporters that the implementation of the ’grain deal’ without the participation of Russia is hardly possible, and it becomes more risky. «In the conditions when Russia speaks about the impossibility of guaranteeing the safety of navigation in those areas — such deal is hardly possible. It became much more risky and dangerous» — he explained. Dmitry Peskov added that the actions of Ukraine have jeopardized the deal. While commenting on the Turkish intention to continue the implementation of the grain deal without the participation of Russia, Dmitry Peskov pointed out that Moscow continues the contacts with Ankara and the UN via the Foreign Ministry and other departments. The TASS noted that Dmitry Peskov has yet to tell the Russian conditions for a possible continuation of the grain deal. «I’m not ready to answer this question yet, it’s not easy» — he explained. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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