Saudi Arabia strikes again in Yemen


1 Yemen

Aircraft of the Arab coalition, led by the Saudi Arabia, attacked various areas of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, in the morning — the «Mehr News» reported. Parts of the province of Hadhramawt were bombed as well. The attacks were carried out mostly on the residential areas.

2 Russia

Vladimir Putin held negotiations with the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in the Kremlin. He arrived in Moscow on an official 3-day visit. The Kremlin press service stated that the presidents discussed the enhancement of the strategic partnership, development of the cooperation in the economic, scientific, technical, and cultural matters. According to the press secretary of Vladimir Putin — Dmitry Peskov — the presidents exchanged their views on issues on the international agenda, including Ukraine. Vladimir Putin stated that the negotiations were constructive.

3 The USA

The NATO intends to continue the propaganda about the preparation of the Russian aggression against Ukraine — the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, stated upon his arrival at the meeting of the NATO defense ministers. Joe Biden addressed the Russians and expressed his confidence that the citizens of Russia don’t want a war with Ukraine. He also urged Russians to not be afraid of the USA, the NATO, or Ukraine. He added that the NATO countries don’t have missile weapons in Ukraine, and they do not intend to send them as well.

4 Germany

The meeting of the foreign ministers of the G7 on the Ukrainian matter is planned on 19th of February. It will take place during the Munich Security Conference — the German Foreign Ministry spokesman Christopher Burger stated. The German Foreign Minister, Annalena Burbock, is expected to discuss the «crisis» that has arisen from the concentration of the Russian troops near Ukraine. A representative of the German Foreign Ministry noted that Annalena Burbock intends to attend other discussions, including in the format of «Germany, USA, UK, France», at the meetings with the UN Secretary General, the head of the Israeli Defense Ministry, and the foreign ministers of Turkey and Iran.

5 Ukraine

The Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky allowed a referendum on the Minsk agreements to be held, the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories, Irina Vereshchuk, stated — the UNIAN reported. Irina Vereshchuk added that at the moment the world is going through the 1st hybrid world war. On 11th of February the USA stated that Russia had amassed new troops on the border with Ukraine, and Russia could attack in the coming days. 35 countries recommended their citizens to leave Ukraine. The Western mass media reported that the invasion could start on the night of 16th of February. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the statements about the upcoming invasion «hysterical». Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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