Syria repels an Israeli missile attack


1 Syria

The ’SANA’ news agency reported that the Syrian air defenses have repelled an aggressive missile attack by the Israeli Air Forces. The attack was launched from the occupied Golan Heights on the Syrian military positions and facilities to the south of Damascus. A communiqué from the command of the Syrian troops stated that the Syrian air defenses «managed to repel the attack of the Israeli air forces, and hit most of the incoming missiles». It was noted that as a result of the attack by the Israeli Air Force only material damage took place. There were no casualties or injuries.

2 Syria

The Syrian ambassador to Russia, Riyadh Haddad, stated in an interview to the newspaper ’Izvestia’ that the presidential elections in Syria concern only the Syrian people. He explained that “neither the EU, nor anyone else has anything to do with the legitimacy of the elections in Syria. This is one of the constitutional rights of the citizens of Syria, and thus it doesn’t matter for us if the EU recognizes the election results or not. We are only interested in the participation of the Syrian people in the elections, so that every citizen can vote, and thus determine the fate of the country» — the ambassador concluded. Earlier, the press service of the US State Department stated that the USA, the UK, France, Germany and Italy don’t believe that the upcoming presidential elections in Syria will be free and fair. Those countries called on the international community to not normalize the relations with Damascus after the elections.

3 Syria

The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated during an interview to the Kazakh news agency ’Tengrinews’ that Russia and the USA maintain close contacts in Syria at the operational and tactical levels. He noted that the departments that manage the airspace itself, and the work in the air aimed to combat the terrorism, are in contact several times a day.

4 Afghanistan

The Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, stated in an interview to the Kazakh news agency ’Tengrinews’ that the Russian Defense Ministry is concerned about the movement of huge groups of terrorists to Afghanistan and other countries. Sergei Shoigu noted that the ’ISIS’ has already appeared in Afghanistan. He added that the terrorists who left Afghanistan for Syria are coming to the region, as well as those who have come from Syria to an another country. Sergei Shoigu also mentioned that the drug trafficking and the drug production remain a serious problem in Afghanistan.

5 The USA — Russia

The CNN reported that the Joe Biden’s administration may impose sanctions against Russia and Iran due to the alleged meddling in the US elections in 2020 by Moscow and Tehran. The CNN quoted their sources among the US officials. On Tuesday, the office of the US director of the national intelligence released a report dedicated to the interference in the US elections in 2020. The report stated that the Russian authorities, allegedly, tried to discredit Joe Biden and the Democratic Party during last year’s US election campaign. The Russian Embassy in Washington stated on ’Facebook’ that the claims made by the US intelligence service are baseless, and Washington is trying to maintain a negative reputation for Russia.

6 The USA — Russia

Joe Biden stated in an interview to the ’ABC’ that Russia will pay for the alleged meddling in the American elections. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated live on ’Russia-24’ TV channel that the document from the US intelligence services on the Russian «interference» in the US elections looks like a justification for their existence. «The American special services use such documents to justify their own existence, and the colossal budgets allocated for their work» — Maria Zakharova stated. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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