Syria. Sending of a humanitarian convoy to Idlib



The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Moscow expresses its regret for the lack of a progress in sending a humanitarian convoy to the Syrian province of Idlib because the Western countries insist on the delivery of the aid via the cross-border deliveries from Turkey. It was noted that «the representatives of the Western countries and humanitarian specialized agencies do not cease to express their concern in the UN Security Council. They talk about the deplorable situation in Idlib, which requires an urgent response, with one important detail. They insist on the cross-border deliveries from Turkey. Such categorical upholding of the cross-border mechanism at any cost, including the cost of suffering of the civilians, causes our regret» — the statement explained. It was underlined that «the cross-border mechanism was created in 2014, as a temporary and emergency measure, which shouldn’t stop the delivery of the humanitarian aid in the coordination with Damascus. It shouldn’t be used to undermine the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Syria» — end of quote.

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