Syrian military cleared the provinces of Damascus and Deraa of landmines


1 Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that over the past day, the Syrian military cleared almost 2.5 hectares of territory in the provinces of Damascus and Deraa. “Over the past day, the combat engineers of the Syrian Armed Forces carried out their tasks on the terrain and in the facilities of Arbil, Douma, Mazraat-Mahmoud and Haush Al-Farah in the province of Damascus, and in Jasim, Anhul, Kafar-Shams and Al-Harra in the province of Deraa. 2.3 hectares of territory were cleared. 29 explosive devices were found and destroyed» — the report concluded.

2 Libya

The ‘Al Jazeera TV’ reported that the forces of the Government of the National Accord, headed by Faiz Sarraj, pushed out the Libyan National Army, commanded by the field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, from the city of Al-Adzhaylat, located 80 km west of Tripoli. Earlier the ‘Al Jazeera’ TV reported the capture of the cities of Sabrat and Surman by the forces of the Government of the National Accord. After the capture of those cities, the forces of the Government of National Accord fully control the territory along the Mediterranean coast, from Tripoli to the border with Tunisia.

3 Qatar

The official representative of the Taliban movement in Qatar, Suheil Shahin, stated that a meeting between the US representatives and the Taliban took place in Doha. The meeting was attended by the representative of the Taliban political office and by the chief negotiator of the movement, mullah Baradar Akhund. The meeting was also attended by the US special envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, the commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, and by the emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. «They spoke about the full implementation of the agreement, as well as the delay in the release of the prisoners. The parties discussed the violations of the agreement, some other problems, and the possible solutions» — Suheil Shahin reported on Twitter.

4 the DPRK

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff reported that on Tuesday the DPRK launched several anti-ship missiles in the Sea of Japan. The missiles were launched by the DPRK Air Force fighters near the coastal city of Munchon, at 07:00 a.m. The missiles flew for about 150 km. «The South Korean military maintains a high alert level by continuing to monitor the situation and possible new missile launches» — the report concluded.

5 the US

Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Committee on the Homeland Security and the Government Affairs, said during an interview to the ‘Politico’ that the committee is launching an investigation into the emergence of the new coronavirus and its spread. The investigation will be concentrated on the cause of the coronavirus in China, and whether or not the efforts of Beijing and the WHO were sufficient to slow down its spread. According to one of the participants of the investigation, Senator Rick Scott — “We can’t trust the communist China. We also found out that we can’t trust WHO because they lied to us” — the Politico quoted his words.

6 Republika Srpska

The national TV of Republika Srpska reported that the Russian military specialists from the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces began to process the urban public areas and the medical facilities in the cities of Gradiska and Priedor in Republika Srpska, which is a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The TV channel also reported that the processing of the town of Doboy is planned on 15th of April. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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