Tehran will resume the enrichment of uranium


The Serbian President Alexander Vucic announced that he won’t recognize the independence of Kosovo while he’s still leading the country. “I do not recognize Kosovo. You can kill or overthrow me for it.”- TASS quoted his words. He also noted that his idea of “established borders” between Kosovo and Central Serbia “failed”, even though the idea itself was “fair and correct”. In early March, the parliament of the unrecognized republic of Kosovo adopted a law, according to which the only possible solution to the Kosovo conflict is the recognition of the independence of the region from Serbia within the borders of 17th of February, 2008. Thus, the inhabitants of Kosovo refused to make any compromises. Including the adjustment of the borders, and sharing of the territories.

2 the United States — Venezuela

Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, announced that the US will continue to cut the ties between Cuba and Venezuela — Interfax reports. “The United States will continue to cut the ties between Cuba and Venezuela. Cuban rule over Venezuela will end when the Venezuelan people come out for freedom” — John Bolton wrote on Twitter. On 1st of May, Donald Trump stated that he is ready to introduce additional, stronger sanctions against Cuba if Cuba won’t pull out their military from Venezuela. Later, the US Vice President, Michael Pence, called the government of Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro «the greatest threat to peace, stability and prosperity in the Western Hemisphere». “The struggle in Venezuela is a struggle between dictatorship and democracy. Maduro is a dictator who has no legitimate right to rule. Nicolas Maduro must leave” — the US Vice President concluded.

3 Iran

Tehran will resume the enrichment of uranium and the reactor modernization in Arak if the participants in the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan on the Iranian nuclear program won’t fulfill their commitments — TASS quoted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. «Other participants of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan have 60 days to fulfill their obligations related to the banking and Iranian oil trading issues. If Iranian interests won’t be taken into account during this period of time — we will suspend the observance of uranium enrichment conditions, and continue upgrading the heavy-duty reactor in Arak» — Hassan Rouhani explained. Earlier he announced that within 60 days Tehran won’t fulfill the conditions on two points of the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan. Namely — «the sales of the enriched uranium, and heavy water to other countries will be stopped», as the transaction prescribes.

4 Venezuela

Venezuelan authorities will bring to justice 7 representatives of the legislature. During the last week they supported the failed military coup, organized by the opposition leader Juan Guaydo — Interfax reports while citing the publications of the Western media. According to the media reports — the decision was made by the Supreme Court of Venezuela. It is expected that a criminal investigation will be initiated against the parliamentarians. They will be charged with treason and conspiracy. It became known earlier that the Venezuelan authorities would also deprive the parliamentary immunity from those officials that took part in the recent attempted coup.

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