Terrorists in Syria are planning provocations


1 Syria

The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria reported that the terrorists of the ’Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham’ group are planning to fake a chemical attack in Idlib, and accuse the Syrian government forces of using poisonous substances against civilians. It was reported that «the terrorists and the representatives of the pseudo-humanitarian organization ’White Helmets’ delivered 4 containers with toxic substances, presumably with chlorine, to the city of Arikh». The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties once again called on the commanders of illegal groups to abandon their armed provocations, and take the path of a peaceful settlement of the situation in the areas under their control.

2 Nagorno-Karabakh

The Armenian Foreign Ministry denounced the visit of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey, Ilham Aliyev and Tayyip Erdogan, to the city of Shusha, in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, on 15th of June. The Ministry declared the visit to be a provocation against peace and security of the region. Tayyip Erdogan stated that Turkey plans to open a consulate general in the city of Shusha. He added that «Turkey will do everything possible to normalize the relations with Armenia». The presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey signed a declaration on the allied relations between the two states.

3 The Gaza Strip

The IDF Press Office reported that on Wednesday night, Israeli jet fighters attacked some ’Hamas’ military installations in the Gaza Strip. The attack was carried out in response to the recent launch of balloons with explosives at Israel. Neither side reported on the consequences of the air strike. The Israeli mass media noted that the Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip was the first one since the entry into force of the ceasefire agreement between the IDF and the radicals of the Palestinian enclave on 21st of May.

4 Israel — The Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that 87 Palestinians were injured in clashes with the Israeli police in Jerusalem, in the West Bank, and in the Gaza Strip. It was noted that the Israeli police obstructed the work of the brigades of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. A march of right-wing Jewish activists with Israeli flags took place in the Old City of Jerusalem. The IDF has deployed the ’Iron Dome’ systems all over the country, and deployed additional troops to maintain order in the West Bank. Earlier, the ’Hamas’ movement called on the Palestinians for a «general mobilization» on 15th of June to oppose the planned march of Jewish activists in Jerusalem.

5 Russia — The USA

A meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden is taking place in Geneva. It was noted that the negotiations can last for 4 or 5 hours, but they can last for a longer time as well. Before the start of the negotiations, a protocol filming was carried out. The presidents of Russia and the USA made several remarks. Joe Biden stated that he expects to discuss areas of potential cooperation, as well as disagreements, with Vladimir Putin. He noted at the opening of the negotiations that, in his opinion, «it is always better to meet face to face».

6 The NATO

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that the NATO isn’t considering the option of providing Kiev and Tbilisi with an action plan to let Ukraine and Georgia join the NATO. He noted that the main topic now are the reforms. The NATO supports the efforts to reform and continue to modernize the defense and security institutions of Ukraine and Georgia. Stoltenberg added that the opinion of Russia, which strongly opposes the joining of Georgia and Ukraine to the NATO because of the threats that the joining can posses to the Russian security, can’t be the main factor when considering this issue. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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