The Armed Forces of Ukraine have almost started an ecological catastrophe in Donetsk


1 Ukraine

Ukraine is trying to strike at the nuclear waste storage facility at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. A plan for the evacuation of residents of the nearby territories, living close to the station, was prepared for such case — the head of the regional administration Yevgeny Balitsky stated, and added that the storage facilities are made of concrete, but it is still possible to destroy them. So far Ukraine uses MLRS ’Smerch’ and ’Uragan’ to hit the nuclear power plant. The representative of the regional administration, Vladimir Rogov, stated that as a result of the attacks on the nuclear power plant on 11th of August — 3 rockets hit territory near the storage of the radioactive isotopes. There is no radioactive pollution so far.

2 Latvia

On 11th of August, the Saeima of Latvia declared Russia to be a sponsor-state of terrorism. The parliament also called on the EU countries to immediately suspend the issuance of visas to Russians and Belarusians. The Latvian parliamentarians claim that Russia has, allegedly, «supported and financed the terrorist regimes and organizations for many years in various ways — directly and indirectly». The members of parliament «strongly condemn the military aggression, and a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, supported by the Belarusian regime». They call on the Euro-Atlantic community and their partners to «urgently enhance, and impose more sanctions against Russia».

3 The USA

The American journalists urged Vladimir Zelensky to recognize the crimes of the Ukrainian troops, described in the report from the ’Amnesty International’. The newspaper ’Politico’ reported that Ukraine should take the criticism in the reports from the ’Amnesty International’, instead of accusing the organization of bias just because the report of the human rights activists isn’t convenient for the Ukrainian government and their allies in the West. The ’Amnesty International’ visited 20 locations. They have collected a compelling evidence that the Ukrainian forces are shamelessly violating the moral standards and the laws of warfare. The report that exposed the actions of the Ukrainian military caused an uproar in Ukraine and in the West 1 week ago. The head of the Ukrainian office of the ’Amnesty International’, and the co-founder of the Swedish branch of the organization resigned in a protest — they consider the report to be pro-Russian.

4 Switzerland

The official representative of the Swiss Foreign Ministry, Pierre Alain Elchinger, stated that Switzerland took note on the Russian position on the issue of Bern representing the Ukrainian interests in Russia. «The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs has taken note of the statement from the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. No additional information will be provided at the moment» — Elchinger stated. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously stated that Switzerland had lost its neutral status by joining the anti-Russian sanctions. The question of Bern’s representation of Kiev’s interests in Russia isn’t being considered. Earlier, Russia and Switzerland agreed that Bern would represent the interests of Ukraine in Russia. Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, Switzerland has been ready to provide a platform and support for negotiations. On 10th of August it became known that Switzerland and Ukraine agreed that Bern will represent the interests of the latter in Russia.

5 Turkey

The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said that a meeting of representatives of Turkey, Sweden and Finland on the issue of NATO membership will take place on 26 August. In May, Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO. Turkey blocked the consideration of these applications. After long negotiations, Turkey has lifted the ban, in an exchange for a promise from the Swedish and Finnish authorities that they will hand out the members of the PKK, outlawed in Turkey. An agreement was reached between the countries, the implementation of the provisions of which will allow Finland and Sweden to get the green light from Turkey, and become members of the NATO. At the moment, Sweden has prepared a list of 10 party members for the extradition to Turkey.

6 The DPR

The Ukrainian forces almost started an ecological disaster in Donetsk. After a Ukrainian shelling of the Kalininsky district of Donetsk, a big fire broke out at a local brewery. The eyewitnesses reported that an ammonia leak made it difficult to breathe inside and outside the building. The situation was eventually taken under a control. Meanwhile, the ’Zasiadko mine’ was cut off the grid after a shelling on 11th of August. 29 miners are stuck underground, the DPR authorities reported. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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