The Coalition performed another airstrike on Deir Ez Zor || Breaking News, 11th of February, 2019


The next meeting between the leaders of the USA and China — namely Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, can be held at the residence ‘Mar-a-Lago’, in southern Florida, RIA NEWS reports while referring to Axios. According to Axios, Donald Trump’s advisers informally consider ‘Mar-a-Lago’ as a possible place for the summit. The summit could end the trade war between the United States and China. In late November, Donald Trump postponed the increase of the US duties on the Chinese goods until 1st March. He said that the increase of the tariffs could be canceled after signing a trade agreement with China. After several rounds of negotiations, Donald Trump announced the upcoming meeting with Xi Jinping. The final details of the agreement will be clarified on that meeting.

The hostility between the Palestinians and the Israeli military near the borders of the Gaza Strip is growing again — Sahar Mezher, a member of the “Great March of Return” committee, told to RIA NEWS. On Friday, 2 Palestinian teenagers died in clashes with the Israeli military on the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip. The protests continue the ten-months long series of protest actions of the ‘Great March of Return’. The protests are held with the participation of thousands of residents of the enclave.

The head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces, General Joseph Votel, announced that the withdrawal of the American troops from Syria could start within a few weeks. The main factor will be the situation in the region itself. The Russian Foreign Ministry meanwhile noted that Washington didn’t do anything for the withdrawal of the US troops yet. Last Monday, the US sent additional armored vehicles to Syria.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Tehran will continue building up their military power and the development of their missile program. «Iran doesn’t need a permission to develop the missile program». According to the president — “today, Iran can produce missiles, combat aircraft, ships, submarines, APCs — anything that the Iranian armed forces need”. Iran has been developing the missile program since the 1990s. Iran achieved some progress in the development of the ballistic missiles. Tehran refuses to negotiate the limits on their missile industry, declaring that the Iranian rivals in the region also have ballistic missiles.

At least 4 civilians died as a result of an airstrike of the international coalition, led by the USA, on a settlement in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor — TASS reports with a reference to the Syrian news agency SANA. According to the sources of SANA — an airstrike was performed on residential buildings in the vicinity of the village of El Baguz.

Moscow doesn’t plan to fund the creation an attribute mechanism of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Moscow will demand the return of their unspent funds as well — the Permanent Russian Representative in the Organization, Alexander Shulgin, announced on Monday. “We consider the decision to create an attribute mechanism illegitimate. The decision was made by less than a half of the member states of the organization. The decision doesn’t comply with the provisions of the convention. Thus we aren’t going to associate ourselves in any way, and we aren’t going to fund the creation of the attributive mechanism” — TASS quotes Alexander Shulgin.

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