The EU risks being left without the American support


The US demanded the EU to provide access to their military orders. Otherwise Brussels might be left without the American military support “in the face of the Russian threat” — RIA NEWS reports with a reference to the Spanish newspaper »El Pais». According to the El Pais — the ultimatum was announced on 22nd of May in Washington, during a meeting between the EU representatives and Michael Murphy, who is in charge for the relations with Brussels in the White House. The Americans are dissatisfied with the norms of the future European Defense Fund, and the projects of Permanent Structured Cooperation on Security and Defense Issues of the EU Countries. According to the US — the new European standards in the field of intellectual property, technology transfer, and export controls will prevent the American enterprises from participation in the EU defense contracts.

Canadian Foreign Minister Christina Freeland announced that Ottawa had temporarily suspended its embassy in Venezuela due to the fact that the visas of the Canadian diplomats will expire at the end of June. According to her — the Canadian diplomats “can’t extend visas under the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro”. Freeland also noted that “the regime has taken steps to limit the functions of the foreign embassies in Venezuela. Especially those countries that are in favor of the restoration of democracy». In early May, the Canadian government urged Maduro to resign.

The Syrian army pushed the terrorists out from the village of Kafr Nbud. According to the reporters of ANNA NEWS — the village is under control of the government forces. Kafr Nbud is an important settlement. The highway from Hama to Aleppo goes right next to the village. It was reported that the survived terrorists were forced to retreat. They are being pursued by the Syrian ground and air forces.

At least 5 people died in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, after the Sudanese security forces attempted to disperse a crowd of thousands of people that gathered in the city center in front of the Ministry of Defense and the army HQ with demands to the military that committed a coup in April to transfer the ruling power back to the civilian government — Interfax reports with a reference to the Associated Press. The report mentioned a large number of victims. How many people were injured is still unknown. Sounds of explosions and machine gun fire were heard at the area. ‘Al Jazeera’ noted that the protest took place after the ruling military called the protesters «a threat to the national security.»

Donald Trump arrived in the UK for a 3-day official visit — TASS reports with a reference to the AFP. On Tuesday he will hold bilateral talks with Theresa May. He will also meet with the business representatives of the two countries. At the meeting with Theresa May, Donald Trump plans to talk about the free trade deal that the two countries can make within a few months after the Brexit, in order to help London to offset the losses from the changes in the trade relations with the EU. It is expected that they will also discuss the situation with the Chinese corporation Huawei, which London was going to involve in the deployment of fifth-generation communications networks, and about the international security matters, including the alleged threats from Russia.

The international NATO exercises «Saber Guardian 2019» started in Romania — TASS reports. The exercise will take place from 3rd to 24th of June in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. The exercises are being coordinated by the US Ground Forces in Europe, and the Romanian Ground Forces HQ. About 8,000 troops from 6 countries — Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania and the US — will take part in the «Saber Guardian 2019». This is the largest NATO exercise in Romania this year. The exercise scenario includes — the capture of an Air Force base, crossing of the Danube, firing of the Patriot and Stinger missiles, and a repelling of the enemy’s ground attack.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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