The first mobilized profits in the DNR


1 Donbass The first persons, called for the partial mobilization, have arrived to the DPR — the People’s Militia reported on the Telegram. «The first group of servicemen, called up for the military service during the partial mobilization in Russia have arrived in the zone of the special military operation, on the territory of the DPR. They are currently undergoing an intensive combat training course at the training grounds, which takes into account the experience of the fighting from the recent months» — end of quote.

2 Russia — Kazakhstan «There are many people in the Chelyabinsk region who want to cross the state border with Kazakhstan. They all pass it in a line» — the local FSB border department told to the RIA NEWS. «There is a crowd. Everything works as usual. There are no restrictions on the leaving — everyone waits in a line, and then crosses the border» — the source of the news agency explained. The border guards have lists of those who are subject to the draft. «If a person from the list arrives at the border — he gets detained until the arrival of an employee of the nearby enlistment office, who will hand him the draft paper. Regardless of which city he is from» — the press service added.

3 Ukraine The deputy head of the Kherson regional military administration, Kirill Stremousov, reported that the first deputy head of the military-civilian administration for the security matters, Aleksey Katerinichev, died as a result of a precise Ukrainian strike from an MLRS ’HIMARS’. «Katerinichev died as a result of a precision strike from an MLRS HIMARS. 2 rockets hit the house in which he was located» — the TASS reported. According to a member of the Public Chamber of Russia — Katerinichev worked as the first deputy head for a month and a half. Before his appointment, he served for 25 years in the border forces and the units of the Russian FSB.

4 Donbass Denis Pushilin, the head of the DPR, reported that the town of Krasny Liman, in the DPR, was taken into a half-circle by the Ukrainian forces. The road to the city of Svatovo in the LPR is under the control of the pro-Russian forces. “At the moment, Krasny Liman is surrounded in a semi-circle. The road from Svatovo is under our control, but sometimes it is under fire as well» — Denis Pushilin reported on his Telegram channel. Denis Pushilin also reported about a difficult situation near the villages of Yampol and Drobishevo, located in the Krasno-limansky district. Ukraine sent a significant amount of forces in that area — the TASS reported. «The villages of Yampol and Drobyshevo aren’t fully controlled by us. Our guys are still fighting. The reserves are coming — we will hold out. However, the enemy has also sent serious forces in there» — he added.

5 Bulgaria The Bulgarian acting defense minister, Dimitar Stoyanov, stated that Sofia won’t supply Kiev with heavy weapons. During his speech before the meeting of the Security Council of Bulgaria, Dimitar Stoyanov commented on the results of the meeting with the military attaché of Ukraine, Vitaliy Moskalenko. «The Ambassador of Ukraine asked us for heavy weapons, not small arms or ammo. My answer was short and clear. There is a decision of the Parliament to provide some military-technical aid. But not weapons. I will never give heavy weapons as long as I am a minister, and until the decision is changed in the parliament» — he explained. Meanwhile, thanks to the Czech Republic, Ukraine will be supplied with weapons made in South Korea, paid for by the USA. The total cost is about $3 billions of dollars. The weapons will be delivered to Ukraine via the Czech Republic. The weapons are missile launchers, ammo, and ’Chiron’ MANPADS.

6 Serbia The political faction of the ’Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats’ in the European Parliament proposed to suspend the negotiations with Serbia on joining the EU. The main complaint is that Belgrade hasn’t imposed any sanctions against Russia. Serbia and its leadership have been warned several times before that they need to bring their foreign policy in line with the EU directives, otherwise Serbia won’t be able to move forward on the path of accession — the parliamentary alliance stated. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament will study the report on the accession on 13th of October. The western mass media reported that so far it’s unknown what do the other factions of the European Parliament think on this proposal against Serbia. Belgrade probably can’t expect too much until it changes its relationship with Russia. The final version of the draft report will be prepared as a decision of the European Parliament, on which the deputies of the European Parliament will vote in November. The Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic has repeatedly hinted that Serbia is under a huge pressure, and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict significantly complicates the already difficult situation for Sebria.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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