The founder of the ‘White Helmets’ is a »real hero»


1 the UK

The British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ quoted the UK Permanent Representative to the UN, Karen Pierce, who called James Le Mesurier, one of the founders of the ‘White Helmets’, a “real hero and not a spy». She believes that Le Mezurier was a «true philanthropist». On Monday, James Le Mesurier was found dead near his home in Istanbul. The British mass media made hints about the involvement of Moscow in the death of the former British intelligence agent. The Russian Foreign Ministry refuted such information. You can read the entire investigation of the ‘White Helmets’ organization on our website.

2 Israel — the Gaza Strip

The Israeli Defense Forces reported that on Wednesday morning the Palestinian radicals launched several missiles at Israel from the Gaza Strip. According to the »Al Arabiya» TV channel — the Israeli ‘Iron Dome’ missile defense system intercepted several missiles launched from the Gaza Strip over the city of Beit Shemesh and over several settlements in south of Israel. The IDF specified that starting from the Tuesday morning, about 220 missiles were launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip.

3 Israel — the Gaza Strip

«At least 16 Palestinians were killed and about 50 more were injured as a result of the IDF attacks on the Gaza Strip since Tuesday» — the ‘Dunia al-Watan’ news website reported on Wednesday while citing the data from the Palestinian enclave’s health ministry. Recently the IDF aircraft attacked the Tuffah district, in the city of Gaza. 3 people died. The Israeli army and the Palestinian groups exchange blows for a whole day since the moment the commander of the ‘Islamic Jihad’ group was killed.

4 Bolivia

«The representatives of the high command of the Armed forces of Bolivia recognized the second vice speaker of the parlament, Senator Janine Agnes, as the interim head of the state, and they expressed their support for her» — this was stated by the commander of the Bolivian Armed Forces, Williams Kaliman, published on Wednesday in the newspaper ‘Pagina Siete’. Earlier, Janine Agnes announced that she is taking on the duties of the president. Evo Morales called the actions of Jeanine Agnes a «coup d’etat».

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