The influx of mercenaries to Ukraine has decreased // The IAEA experts continue to work at the Zaporozhye NPP


1 Ukraine

The specialists from the IAEA continue to work at Zaporozhye NPP. They have already recorded a violation of the «physical integrity» of some parts of the nuclear station. So far, they have refrained from making statements — the TASS reported. The local authorities believe that if the members of the IAEA stay constantly in the facility — the shelling of the nuclear power station and the town of Energodar will stop. Supposedly, the work of the mission will last until 4th or 5th of September.

2 Ukraine

The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stated during a conference call in the ministry that the influx of mercenaries into Ukraine has dropped by more than 3.5 times due to the high casualties of Ukraine. 2831 mercenaries were killed so far — the RIA NEWS reported. «Due to the high losses, there is now a decrease in the influx of foreign mercenaries to Ukraine. Since the start of the special operation, their number has decreased by more than 3.5 times. 2,831 mercenaries have been killed by now. We will continue to liberate Donbass, and create conditions that guarantee the security of Russia» — he concluded.

3 Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov, stated that over the past 24 hours, during the special military operation, the Russian air defense forces intercepted 14 rockets from MLRS ’HIMARS’, plus a single anti-radiation missile ’HARM’. «A US-made anti-radar missile ’HARM’ was intercepted near the village of Novaya Kakhovka, in the Kherson region. 14 rockets from the US-made MLRS ’HIMARS’ were intercepted near a DPR village of Stila, near the cities of Kherson, Berislav, and near the village of Novaya Kakhovka, in the Kherson region» — Igor Konashenkov stated, and added that «Over the past day, the Russian anti-air forces shot down 12 UAVs’’ — the TASS reported.

4 Donbass

«Due to the heavy losses of the Ukrainian 110th Mechanized Brigade, stationed near the DPR villages of Avdeevka and Opitnoe, the Ukrainian servicemen of the brigade abandoned their combat missions, and left their positions» — the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. Earlier, the Russian Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, stated that the pro-Russian forces had penetrated the defenses of the Ukrainian forces in Donbas over the past 2 weeks. He especially mentioned the liberation of the village of Peski, where a large number of Ukrainian troops were stationed. He concluded that during August, 174 brigade and battalion HQs of the Ukrainian forces, and more than 600 pieces of heavy weapons and artillery systems, mostly made in the West, were destroyed.

5 Ukraine

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denis Shmyhal, called on Berlin to send modern main battle tanks «Leopard-2″ to Ukraine. “We need a change in the philosophy of the weaponry deliveries. I mean — modern battle tanks should be delivered as well. We expect the USA to supply us with their tanks ’’Abrams’’, and Germany — ’’Leopard-2’’. These are the modern tanks that Ukraine needs on the battlefield’’ — he stated. Denys Shmygal voiced his calls for the militarization of Ukraine before his visit to Germany, despite the fact that the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, refused to supply Western-made tanks to Ukraine. “Germany has made a tremendous progress in terms of supporting Ukraine with weapons. But, we would like to get even more weapons and equipment as soon as possible» — end of quote.

6 Russia

«Moscow has decided to not export the oil to states that supported the idea of a fixed price, imposed by the West, on Russia. The Russian suppliers won’t work on the external sites on non-market conditions» — the Russian Deputy Prime Minister, Alexander Novak, stated and added that Moscow refuses to supply oil and oil products to those countries that have set a ceiling on the energy prices. Non-market conditions aren’t suitable for the Russian companies. Alexander Novak underlined that the imposition of a price ceiling on the Russian oil will have an extremely negative impact on the world market. The oil industry will face destabilization. Earlier it became known that at the moment the entire G7 are discussing the introduction of a price ceiling to keep the rise of the oil prices, and to limit the Russian income.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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