The Ministry of Defense warned of another sabotage by Ukraine


1 The DPR

The Russian Defense Ministry reported about a new sabotage, prepared by the Ukrainian forces. The head of the Russian humanitarian response HQ, Mikhail Mizintsev, stated that the Ukrainian nationalist battalions placed bombs on the dam of the reservoir in Karlivka. 6 settlements, more than 10,000 people, will be flooded in case of an explosion. The local sewerage systems and water treatment facilities will be damaged. It will make the epidemiological situation worse, which will lead to the spread of infectious diseases. Mikhail Mizintsev added that the Kiev authorities once again have disrupted the humanitarian operation to evacuate the civilians from the ’Azovstal’ factory. Nobody used the provided corridor. Kiev constantly reports about the workers of the factory, women, and children, allegedly located in the underground part of the ’Azovstal’. Kiev rejects all the humanitarian initiatives of Russia. Kiev also doesn’t carry out their own evacuations.

2 Ukraine

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, reported on the progress of the special Russian military operation, aimed to protect the civilians in Donbass. The Russian forces continue to increase the intensity of precision-guided strikes against the Ukrainian military infrastructure. Over the past day, the Russian air force hit 4 Ukrainian military targets. The Russian rocket and artillery forces completed 1299 battle tasks. 2 Ukrainian «S-300» anti-aircraft missile systems, 1 «Tochka-U» tactical missile launcher, and an electronic warfare station, located in Barvenkovo, were hit. A single Russian anti-aircraft AA missile system «Buk-M1» shot down 2 Ukrainian tactical missiles «Tochka U» above the settlements of Tokmak, in the Zaporozhye region, and Svatovo, in the Kharkov region.

3 Russia

92 houses in the Belgorod region, including 8 houses in the village of Golovchino, were damaged by the shelling from Ukraine. 29 vehicles were damaged as well. No-one was injured. The local governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, reported on the social media that the emergency services have been working since the first explosion.

4 Transnistria

The red level of terrorist danger was introduced on the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic — the authorities reported. The head of the republic held a meeting of the Security Council. Issues of the terrorist attacks against the infrastructure facilities and the government institutions were discussed. The introduction of additional security measures occurred after a series of states of emergency. The building of the Ministry of State Security in Tiraspol was attacked with grenade launchers. On 26th of April, the radio-towers of the ’’Transnistrian Radio and Television Center’’ were destroyed. The destroyed radio-towers were involved in relaying the Russian radio signals. An another such incident took place on a military base in the village of Parkany.

5 Russia

«The situation in Ukraine has become a catalyst for numerous problems that have accumulated in the NATO» — the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated at a meeting with the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres. On the last week it became known about the visit of Guterres to Moscow. Russia intends to discuss with him the issues, related to Mariupol and the ’Azovstal’ factory. The UN Secretary General sent letters to Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky with requests to receive him in Moscow and Kiev. He wants to discuss with both presidents the urgent measures, needed to establish the peace in Donbass, and the future of relations. Sergei Lavrov noted that Russia would like to avoid a scenario in which Moscow has to intervene in the conflict in Transnistria.

6 Ukraine

The Russian forces found some booby-trapped bodies of the Ukrainian servicemen in the Kharkov region — the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. The Russian forces also found a hut with some bodies of the dead Ukrainian servicemen. The entrance to the hut was booby-trapped. There was a lot of weapons, abandoned during the retreat of the Ukrainians. Recently the Russian forces destroyed a Ukrainian armored convoy, which was trying to break into a settlement in the Kharkov region. It was noted that a convoy of 8 Ukrainian tanks, supported by infantry, was moving in the direction of the positions of the Russian forces, which were covering the entrance to the settlement at that moment. The Russian forces opened fire. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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