the refugees from the Rukban camp will be evacuated within 30 days


1. Saudi Arabia

On Wednesday, the Saudi Ministry of Defense plans to publish the evidence of Iranian involvement in the attacks on Saudi oil facilities — »Al Ihbaria» reports. According to the »Al Ihbaria» — the evidence will be released by a ministry spokesperson at a news conference on Wednesday night. Earlier, the CBS reported, while citing a senior official from the US administration, that the US found the exact places in Iran from which the attack was carried out. More than 20 drones and cruise missiles were used against the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. According to the source of the CBS — the launch sites are located in southern Iran, in the northern part of the Persian Gulf.

2 the USA — Venezuela

Washington expanded the lists of sanctions against Venezuela by adding 3 people and 16 companies — the US Treasury stated on their website. The lists mainly included the Colombian companies, 1 Italian company »Gruppo Domano S.R.L», and 4 Panamanian companies. The US State Department announced that in order to counter the threat from the Venezuelan authorities — Washington used the «Inter-American Mutual Assistance Treaty» against Caracas, by declaring the regime of Maduro to be a threat to the security of the entire region. According to the treaty, signed by most Latin American countries, an attack on any country means an attack on all the participating states. Venezuela left this treaty back in 2012.

3. Israel

The Central Election Commission of Israel reports that the turnout of the parliamentary elections on 17th of September was 69.4%. According to the exit polls, the election didn’t reveal a winner. The main participants — the ‘Likud party’ of Benjamin Netanyahu, and the centrist block ‘Kahol-Lavan’ received almost the same number of seats. None of the parties can form a stable government coalition that controls at least 61 out of 120 seats in a unicameral parliament, without the participation of the party of the Russian-speaking Israelis «Our Home — Israel» of the former Israeli Minister of Defense — Avigdor Lieberman. He has already called for the creation of a government of national unity.

4 Russia

Two terrorists, killed during a counter-terrorist operation in Kabardino-Balkaria, were planning to carry out a terrorist attack — the information center of the ‘National Committee on the Terrorism’ reports. “The identities of the terrorists are established. According to the reports, they planned to commit terrorist crimes on the territory of the republic» — the committee specified. Earlier, an IED was found on the site of the counter-terrorist operation.

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