The Russian Ministry of Defense reported about new provocations from Ukraine


1 Russia

On 12th of May the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia stated that Russia will be forced to take retaliatory military steps to stop the threats to its own national security in response to the Finland’s possible entry into the NATO. In a joint statement from the President Sauli Niinistö, and the Prime Minister, Sanna Marin — «Finland should apply to join the NATO as soon as possible» — end of quote. A formal decision will be made on 15th of May. The Russian Foreign Ministry called such statements to be «an evidence of a radical change in the country’s foreign policy». The ministry added that for decades, the policy of military non-alignment has served as the basis for stability in the Nordic region. It provided a reliable level of security for Finland, and was a solid basis for building mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership between Moscow and Helsinki, in which the role of the military factor was reduced to zero.

2 Russia

During an economic meeting, Vladimir Putin stated that only the Western countries are responsible for the sanctions, imposed against Russia. He mentioned that a number of states are already facing the risks of a famine. With the continuation of anti-Russian sanctions for the EU, there may be intractable consequences — he specified. «The blame lies entirely on the Western elites, who are willing to sacrifice the rest of the world to maintain their global dominance» — he stated. Meanwhile Russia is handling the external challenges with confidence. Putin added that the western sanctions will provoke a global crisis. The organizers of the sanctions are driven by their short-sighted, over-blown political ambitions, and Russophobia. Vladimir Putin mentioned the sharp increase in inflation in Europe. In some countries, the inflation has already come close to 20% per annum.

3 Latvia

The Latvian parliament approved the demolition of the monument to the Liberators in Riga, near which, after the recent Victory Day, flowers were removed by a bulldozer. The deputies swiftly adopted the bill, and suspended the agreement, according to which Latvia was supposed to ensure the preservation of Soviet memorials and mass graves on their territory. The initiative was supported by the majority of parliamentarians. 70 voted ’’for’’, 18 voted ’’against’’. The Latvian authorities have been threatening to demolish the monument in Riga for a long time. By 9th of May the access to it had already been closed. But the residents still brought flowers to the monument. When the municipal services sent everything to a landfill — people once again covered the square with flowers, and proved that they won’t let the history to be rewritten and the feat of soldiers to be forgotten.

4 Ukraine

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the progress of the operation, aimed to protect the inhabitants of Donbass. The Russian forces managed to destroy 1 S-300 anti-aircraft missile system in the Kharkov region. Over the past day the Russian forces destroyed 12 Ukrainian command posts, almost 30 artillery units in their firing positions, and more than 400 areas of concentration of manpower and military equipment. More than 320 Ukrainian nationalists were killed. 72 military vehicles were disabled. 1 radar station for a Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system near Odessa was destroyed. Near the village of Krasnopavlovka, in the Kharkov region, a missile and artillery ammo depot was destroyed — Igor Konoshenkov reported.

5 Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry reported about new provocations from Ukraine. The SBU, together with the Ukrainian nationalists, blew up a fertilizer tank in the Kharkov region. The local mass media reported that it was done by the Russian forces. It was an attempt to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons in order to beg the West for more military aid. The Ukrainians are acting according to a well-known Syrian scenario, like in those fake videos from the ’’White Helmets’’ about an alleged sarin attack in the city of Douma. It became an excuse for the USA to bomb Syria. Thus, Kiev proved once again that the lives of Ukrainians are of little concern to the Kiev authorities. They can be easily sacrificed to achieve the criminal goals of Kiev. The Russian Ministry of Defense gave an another example — the Ukrainian neo-Nazis placed explosives on a bridge at the exit from the city of Dnipro towards the DPR and Kharkov region. The Ukrainian forces are planning to blow it up and, according to the worked out scenario, blame Russia.

6 Lithuania

Lithuania officially recalls Eitvydas Bayarunas from the post of ambassador to Russia. From 1st of June the Lithuanian ambassador to Russia must cease to perform his duties. The Lithuanian government is going to remove their Consulate General in the city of St. Petersburg from 7th of June. Moscow closed it after the Lithuanian decision to expel the head of the Russian embassy in Vilnius, Aleksey Isakov, and employees of the Russian consulate general in Klaipeda. On 4th of April it was reported that Lithuania was closing the Russian consulate in Klaipeda, and expelling the ambassador from Vilnius. In April, the Lithuanian government decided to lower the level of diplomatic representation between Lithuania and Russia. Lithuania also recalled its ambassador from Moscow for consultations. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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