The Syrian air defenses repelled an Israeli attack


1 Syria

The Syrian news agency ’SANA’ reported that the Syrian air defenses opened fire on the air targets above Damascus, and hit most of the incoming missiles. It was noted that the air strikes on the ground targets were carried out by the Israeli air force from the Golan Heights. The Saudi TV channel «Al Hadath» reported that the Israeli Air Force attacked the Damascus suburb of Seyid-Zeinab, located on the way to the local international airport. There were reports about huge explosions in Seyid-Zeynab, near the HQ and a camp of the Shiia group ’Hezbollah’ that fights on the Syrian side. There were no reports about their casualties or material damage.

2 Syria

The deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, Rear-Admiral Vyacheslav Sytnik, announced that a routine patrol in the Syrian province of Hasakah was canceled due to an emergency landing of a Russian helicopter Mi-35. On Sunday, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that a Russian Mi-35 helicopter made an emergency landing during an air patrol in the province of Hasakah. The helicopter crew was swiftly returned to the airfield by a search and rescue group, the pilots are safe. The pilots reported that there was no fire impact on the helicopter.

3 Syria

The Syrian state-run news agency ’SANA’ reported that the USA relocated 10 ’ISIS’ terrorists from a US military base in the Syrian province of Hasakah, to the province of Deir ez-Zor. The SANA noted that the terrorists «were relocated by 2 US helicopters from the US base ’Al-Shaddadi’ in Hasakah to the desert area of Deir ez-Zor». The SANA added that the USA are using their bases in Syria to train the local terrorists who are fighting against Syria. The SANA claimed that the USA plan to use the ’ISIS’ terrorists as well.

4 Syria

The inter-departmental coordination HQ of Russia and Syria on the return of refugees announced that the USA are using the situation in the ’Rukban’ refugee camp in Syria to put pressure on the UN. «Analysis of the situation around the camp of internally displaced persons ’Rukban’, located in the US-occupied 55-kilometer zone around the village of Al-Tanf, shows that the USA are using the situation to put pressure on the UN leadership by constantly raising the topic of the need to deliver humanitarian aid to the camp residents» — the ’TASS’ news agency quoted the statement. It was noted that the USA «expect to use the aid to supply the terrorists, operating in the area under their control, which has happened more than once». It was underlined that the «responsibility for everything that happens in the US-occupied zone and the ’Rukban’ camp, located within the zone, lies entirely on the USA». The statement noted that «the USA insist on keeping the camp, and that is the main obstacle to the restoration of the sovereignty and peaceful life in Syria, which requires a swift solution. The reluctance of the USA to organize a withdrawal from the ’Al-Tanf’ zone of the US-controlled terrorists, and the internally displaced persons, only confirms that the USA are interested in preserving the camp, and the true intention of the USA regarding ’Rukban’ is to provide a training ground for the extremists in order to maintain hotbeds of tension in Syria» — the statement concluded.

5 The USA — Iran

The ’Reuters’ reported with a reference to a White House spokesman that the US authorities are disappointed with the Iranian rejection of the EU’s proposal to conduct direct negotiations with the USA on the Iranian nuclear program. It was noted that the USA still want to resume the diplomatic efforts to achieve a mutual return to the ’Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’ on the Iranian nuclear program. The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Said Khatibzadeh, announced on Sunday that Tehran doesn’t consider it necessary, under the current conditions, to hold an EU-proposed meeting on a nuclear deal involving the USA. He added that «at the moment, the USA have yet to change their approach.»

6 Armenia

The Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan called a meeting of the country’s Security Council. The press service of the Security Council reported that the Security Council of Armenia condemned the attempts to involve the military in the political processes. «The Security Council calls on the president to satisfy the prime minister’s petition to dismiss the chief of the General Staff, and to sign a corresponding decree» — the message says. The head of the parliamentary standing committee on external relations, and member of the board of Nikol Pashinyan’s «Civil Contract» party, Ruben Rubinyan, stated during a briefing that the Armenian authorities are ready to begin consultations with political forces on holding early parliamentary elections, after Chief of the General Staff, Onik Gasparyan, resigns, or when President Armen Sarkissian signs a document on his dismissal. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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