The terrorists are preparing a fake chemical attack in Aleppo


1 Syria

On Monday the SANA news agency reports that «The terrorists and the mercenaries of the Turkish army started the preparation of a fake chemical attack against civilians in the western province of Aleppo.» The SANA agency noted that supposedly the terrorists want to fake a chemical attack since it would attract the attention of the world community and the international organizations, which would »prevent their defeat from the advancing Syrian army».

2 Syria

The «al-Watan» newspaper reports that the Syrian army liberated settlements to the north and west from the city of Maaret Nuuman, crossed the M5 highway to the north of the city, and came close to Maaret Nuuman. The army surrounded the city from the east, west and south. «The terrorists flee from Maaret Nuuman in large numbers» — the al-Watan reports while referring to their sources among the locals in the city. It was also reported that the Syrian army launched a military operation near the city of Aleppo. They attacked the terrorists that occupied the ‘Rashidin-4’ district, and started to shell the city. The «al-Watan» reports that many terrorists were killed as a result of the fighting.

3 Afghanistan

The ‘Interfax’ reports, while citing a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Department of Moldova, that a Mi-8 helicopter, belonging to Moldovan airline company, was shot down by a missile in Afghanistan. The helicopter had members of the Afghan National Army on-board when it was shot down by the members of Taliban. The helicopter landed with severe damage, the crew and the passengers were taken by a friendly Moldovan helicopter that was flying nearby at the moment. 4 Afghan soldiers and 2 crew members, both citizens of Ukraine, were injured.

4 China

The number of victims of the new type of pneumonia in China raised to 80, the number of sick people raised up to 2794. This was announced on Monday by the »Wangyi» news website which cited the regional Chinese authorities. The Chinese government banned the crossing of border for the Chinese citizens in Wuhan, where the new type of pneumonia outbreak took place, until 30th of January. The Russian Embassy in China reported that about 140 Russian citizens are located in the province of Hubei. The administrative center of Hubei is the city of Wuhan where the epicenter of pneumonia is located. The press officer of the Russian embassy reported that they are provided with everything needed at the moment. According to the State Health Committee of China — there are reports of the sickness from Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the USA, Malaysia, France, Vietnam and Nepal.

5 the USA

Donald Trump denied the allegations made by his former National Security Assistant, John Bolton, that the “freezing” of the military aid to Ukraine is linked to the Kiev investigation into the case of the former US Vice President, Joseph Biden, and his son. “If Bolton did say so — then he did it only to sell his book” — Trump twitted on Monday. On Sunday, »The New York Times» reported, while referring to the unpublished book of John Bolton, that Donald Trump wanted to continue blocking the military assistance to Ukraine until Kiev began the investigation of the activities of Biden’s son in the Ukrainian energy company ‘Burisma’.

6 Switzerland

On 29th and 30th of January a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia will be held in Geneva in order to resolve the Karabakh conflict — the official representative of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry, Leyla Abdullayeva, announced. The Armenian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Anna Naghdalyan, confirmed the meeting. “A long list of issues, related to the Karabakh settlement, will be discussed” — Anna Naghdalyan told on Facebook. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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