the terrorists prevent the refugees from leaving the Idlib DMZ


1 Syria

The Illegal armed groups blocked the humanitarian corridor ‘Abu al-Duhour’, in the Idlib DMZ. They prevent the exit of the refugees under threats of using weapons — the head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties, Major General Alexei Bakin, announced. According to the major-general’s information, the return of the refugees to the areas in which they lived before the start of the war continues, despite the terrorist actions — TASS reports. According to Alexey Bakin, over the past day, the terrorists shelled 22 settlements in the Syrian provinces of Latakia, Aleppo, Hama and Idlib. On 31st of August the Syrian army announced the stop of the hostilities in Idlib.

2 Saudi Arabia

«The drone air strikes at the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were carried out from the north-western direction, and not from the territory of Yemen. This indicates Iranian involvement in the air attack» — said an unnamed high-ranking representative of the US administration. According to the representative — “the facts indicate that Iran was responsible for this attack” — TASS reports. On Saturday night, the oil facilities of the Saudi oil company »Saudi Aramco» were attacked by 10 drones. Saudi Arabia has announced the loss of half of its oil production. The Yemeni rebels claimed the responsibility for the attack. The US accused Iran of the involvement in the drone air attack. The U.S. administration is currently discussing the possibility of a military response to the attack on Saudi oil facilities. Earlier, Donald Trump twitted that the US are “in full combat readiness,” and they are waiting for Riyadh’s thoughts as to who was behind the attack.

3 the DPRK — the USA

The DPRK State Council Chairman Kim Jong-un, in his letter to the US President, sent back in August, invited Donald Trump to visit Pyongyang. »Interfax» reports while citing the South Korean newspaper Joongang Ilbo. The letter was given to Donald Trump in the third week of August. In that letter, Kim Jong-un announced his readiness to meet with Donald Trump during the third summit, the source of the newspaper specified. The US and the DPRK leaders have met 3 times since June, in order to discuss the North Korean denuclearization. The third meeting was held on 30th of June, at the inter-Korean border. On that day, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un agreed to resume the work-level denuclearization negotiations, which were suspended after the unsuccessful second summit between the two leaders in Vietnam, in February. Those negotiations have yet to be resumed.

4 Yemen

The spokesman of the Yemeni rebel movement «Ansar Allah», Brigadier-General Yahya Saria announced that the rebels can launch a new attack on the targets in Saudi Arabia at any time. «I want to warn the companies and the foreigners that they shouldn’t be present at the enterprises that have been hit by the attack. They are still under our aim, and they can be attacked at any time» — »Al Massira» TV channel quoted the brigadier-general. The representative of the Yemeni rebels added that they have weaponry that can reach any target in Saudi Arabia at any time. He demanded that Saudi Arabia must understand it, and stop their aggression against Yemen.

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