The US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan


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The Taliban warned Washington to not violate the deadline, set on 1st of May, to pull out the US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban promised a «reaction», that could mean more attacks from the Islamist group.

Khairullah Khairhwa, a member of the Taliban negotiation group, stated that «I started a jihad to drive the foreign forces out of my country, and to establish an Islamic government. The jihad will continue until we achieve this goal via a political agreement». The spokesman of the Taliban political office, Suhail Shahin, didn’t specify if the Taliban can agree on the elections. He also didn’t promise that the Taliban won’t launch a spring offensive, despite the calls from the USA, Russia, and China.

The Joe Biden’s presidential administration announced that they are studying the agreement, signed by the Taliban with the Donald Trump’s administration.

On 17th of March Joe Biden stated in an interview to the ’ABC’ that the withdrawal could take place by the set date of 1st of May, but with difficulties. He added that a deadline, if any takes place, would not be for much longer.

Regarding the negotiations with the official Kabul — the Taliban insists on the creation of an Islamic government. The Taliban insist that the current government of President Ashraf Ghani doesn’t fit their definition of an Islamic government. The Taliban points out that the future Afghan authorities must follow the teachings of Islam. The Taliban doesn’t explain how exactly, and in what form it must be done. Previously the Taliban stated that their vision of an Islamic government would allow women to study, work, and participate in the public life.

The ANNA NEWS follows the events. Stay tuned.

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