The USA and the Taliban are fighting the ISIS together || Спецпроект 07.11.2021


This is a special program from the ANNA NEWS. I am Constantine Reztsov.

The USA and the Taliban are jointly fighting the ISIS in the self-proclaimed ’’Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’’ — the former White House Special Representative for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, stated.

According to Khalilzad, there is an agreement between the Taliban and the USA to combat the ISIS in Afghanistan.

He added that one of the important points of the agreement was the condition according to which the USA would classify these agreements at the request of the Taliban, in order to prevent the publication of this agreement. The Taliban called the reason for their unwillingness to participate openly in the fight against the international terrorism by the fear of discrediting themselves in the eyes of the Islamists around the planet.

The former White House special envoy for Afghanistan, Khalilzad, didn’t give the reason why did he disclosed the information about the agreement of the Taliban and the Americans. On 18th of October, 2021, Zalmay Khalilzad was removed from the office by Joe Biden’s administration.

Various sources from Afghanistan have previously reported on the interaction of Taliban groups and international forces led by the USA, during their hostilities against the ISIS in the Afghan provinces of Nangarhar and Jowzhan.

Similar claims were made by pro-ISIS mass media activists, who claimed that the US aircraft were supporting a Taliban operation against the jihadists from the so-called “caliphate” in Nangarhar province.

Interestingly enough, the mass media activists and the press service of the ’Taliban’ movement constantly declare that the ISIS is a project of the USA.

The ANNA NEWS follows the events. Stay Tuned.

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