The USA striked civilians in Idlib || Спецпроект 05.12.2021


This is a special program from the ANNA NEWS. I am Constantine Reztsov.

The USA attacked a motorcycle on the Idlib-Al-Mastuma road, in the south of the Syrian province of Idlib. It was assumed that it was an attack on a terrorist from the organization «Khurras al-Din». The result was not as expected.

The strike was reportedly delivered by a UAV MQ-9 ’Reaper’, using the latest kinetic missile R9X.

The strike fell between a ’Hyundai Santa Fe’ car, and a passing-by student named Musab Khalid Kanaan. The student died. Aside from him — 5 people inside the car, including 2 women and 1 fifteen-years-old teenager, were injured during the attack.

The representatives of the Central US Command have confirmed the strike in the Syrian province of Idlib. The members of the terrorist group «Khuras al-Din», a Syrian branch of the «Al-Qaeda», were the targets of the drone strike.

After the reports of civilian deaths caused by the drone strike, the Americans issued a message in which they admitted the possibility of an error, and civilian deaths, as a result of the drone strike.

“We performed a drone strike in Idlib. As a result of the drone strike — there is a possibility of civilian casualties. We started an investigation. We will publish the results when it is completed” — the US Central Command announced.

The US strike drones often attacked the terrorists of the ISIS and Khurras al-Din all over Syria. Such drone strikes were done with the use of ’R9X’ missiles. Usually the drone strikes were successful, and the terrorists had to admit the deaths of their field commanders and spiritual leaders.

The ANNA NEWS follows the events. Stay tuned

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