The withdrawal of troops near the settlement of Zolotoe in Donbass is about to begin


1 Donbass

«The fighters of the Ukrainian volunteer regiment ‘Azov’ took up positions near the village of Zolotoe in Donbass» — the head of the regiment, the ex-deputy of the Ukrainian parliament Andriy Biletsky, announced in a video message. On 7th of October, in accordance with the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian troops must leave the village of Zolotoye. According to Andrei Biletsky, the fighters of his regiment took such step by an invitation of the local residents that are, allegedly, afraid that they will be in the «gray zone» after the retreat of the Ukrainian troops. “If the president and the government do not fulfill their direct duty to protect every inch of the Ukrainian land — we, the volunteer veterans, will do it ourselves” — says Biletsky’s video message. On 2nd of October, during a meeting in Minsk, the participants of the contact group were able to agree on a plan for the withdrawal of military forces and assets in the settlements of Zolotoe and Petrovskoye. The process was supposed to begin on 7th of October. The withdrawal of troops is one of the conditions for the new Summit of the Norman Four.

2 the USA

The US governmental analytical center «RAND Corporation» published a report on the strategy of containing Russia in the Black Sea region — RIA NEWS reports. According to the report, in order to counter the “growing Russian influence” in the Black Sea region it is necessary to deploy air defense systems and coastal missile systems in Romania and Bulgaria. Other measures include additional NATO exercises in the region, and a contribution to the development of the defense capabilities of Ukraine and Georgia.

3 Syria

«The US armed forces won’t support the military operation that Ankara intends to carry out in the north of Syria» — the White House announced in a press release after a telephone conversation between the US and Turkish presidents, Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. «The US forces defeated the local ISIS caliphate — they will no longer be in a close proximity» — the statement said. The White House underlined that from now on Turkey will be responsible for all the ISIS fighters captured over the past two years after the defeat of the terrorist group. Earlier Erdogan announced that Turkey intends to independently carry out an operation in order to create a security zone in Syria.

4 Syria

«The US have started the withdrawal of their troops from the north of Syria» — the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Monday. He noted that Ankara can start an operation in Syria at any given time. Earlier, the White House announced that the USA won’t support or participate in a possible Turkish operation in north of Syria. The White House also notified the Kurdish «Syrian Democratic Forces» command that the US forces won’t protect the Kurds from the Turkish military.

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