The Zaporozhye NPP stopped supplying energy to the territories, controlled by Kiev. ’Gazprom’ has stopped the ’Nord Stream’ gas pipeline


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I am Constantine Reztsov. The Zaporozhye NPP stopped supplying energy to the territories, controlled by Kiev. ’Gazprom’ has stopped the ’Nord Stream’ gas pipeline. All the details — right now.

The administration of the town of Energodar, where the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is located, announced a forced suspension of the electricity supply from the nuclear power plant to the territories, controlled by Kiev — the RIA NEWS reported.

According to the local officials — the reason are the power lines, damaged from the shelling of the Ukrainian forces. A source in the administration of Energodar stated that the specialists are trying to quickly restore the damaged power lines.

«The supply of electricity to the territories, controlled by Ukraine, was suspended due to technical difficulties» — the administration stated. On Saturday night, the Ukrainian forces once again attacked the territory of the nuclear power plant. Rockets hit the vicinity of Energodar. A member of the main council of the regional administration, Vladimir Rogov, reported that the atomic power station is operating as usual. The radiation level is normal.

Meanwhile, the European Commission was surprised with the decision of the management of ’Gazprom’ to completely stop the operation of the ’Nord Stream’ gas pipeline for the sake of a complete turbine repair cycle.

On 2nd of September the «Gazprom» announced that from 3rd of September the gas supply will be stopped for a while due to the detection of oil leaks, with an admixture of sealant, in a power unit. It is unknown when the repair of the ’Siemens’ turbine will be completed — the Anti-Russian sanctions prevent the repairs. It is also unknown who will undertake the repair of the turbine.

The European Commission recently issued a statement in which they called the Russian decision to be «cynical». Such word was used by the press secretary of the European Commission, Eric Mamer. It turns out that the European officials have double standards. The same people didn’t call the attempts to set a ceiling on Russian gas prices to be ’cynical’. From the point of view of Brussels — that can’t be regarded as cynicism, or non-fulfilment of the contracts between Russia and the West. As soon as Moscow begins the routine procedure of repairing of the power unit, they immediately think about «cynicism.»

The ’’Siemens Energy’’ — the main turbine manufacturer for the Nord Stream gas pipeline — confirmed that a routine maintenance is taking place. However, they did state that «previously, oil leaks didn’t lead to a stop in pumping». They simply don’t take into account that previously the ’’Gazprom’’ didn’t have to use a single turbine on an entire pipeline. The ANNA NEWS is following the events. Stay tuned.

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