Turkish intervention in Libya


1 Libya

The »Al Arabiya» TV reported while citing their sources that on Sunday, the Libyan National Army, headed by the Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, sent a message to Washington. The LNA called for an international control over the land and sea border crossing points, as well as the seaports, in order to «prevent the supply of weapons to the hands of the Government of National Accord, and to prevent Ankara from sending weapons and equipment into the country». The letter noted that the army command refuses to sit down at the negotiating table with Turkey. The LNA «remains committed to their statement regarding the withdrawal of the mercenaries». The LNA added that they won’t allow various kinds of armed groups to join the government agencies, which is being planned by the cabinet of the GNA. On Saturday, Khalif Haftar, during his planned review of the troops, confirmed his determination to «resist the Turkish intervention». «The repelling of the invaders is our main goal. The army will teach a lesson to the mercenaries that Turkey sent to fight on the side of the Government of National Accord» — the »Al Arabiya» TV quoted his words.

2 Syria

Damascus denounced the agreement on the modernization of the oil fields in north of Syria, which was concluded by the Kurdish «Syrian Democratic Forces» with an American oil company. Damascus called the agreement a «theft» — a representative of the Syrian Foreign Ministry told to the ‘SANA’ news agency. Syria «denounces the agreement between the SDF and the US oil company. It is a theft of the Syrian oil under the cover and support of the US administration». The agreement, he added, is «a deal between thieves, made to plunder the wealth of the Syrian people, and this is an attack on the Syrian sovereignty». Earlier the US Senator Lindsay Graham reported about the conclusion of an agreement between the SDF and an American oil company on the modernization of the oil fields in the north-eastern part of Syria. He underlined that he received the information from the commander of the SDF forces, General Mazlum Kobani.

3 Israel

The IDF press service reported that in response to a missile, launched at Israel on Sunday evening — the Israeli fighters hit military targets of the ‘Hamas’ movement in the Gaza Strip, on Monday. It was reported that among their targets were underground structures, and a concrete plant, built for the construction of tunnels. Earlier it was reported that on Sunday evening, the Palestinian radicals fired one missile at Israel from the Gaza Strip. The missile was intercepted by the ‘Iron Dome’ air defense system.

4 Afghanistan

The ‘TOLOnews’ TV reports while citing the local authorities that the death toll fron an attack on a prison in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, which is the administrative center of the eastern province of Nangarhar, went up to 29 people. 50 people were injured. The ‘TOLOnews’ previously reported that a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near a prison in Jalalabad. As a result of the explosion — the terrorists managed to get inside the building. The clashes lasted more than 17 hours. 5 terrorists were killed. According to a source of the TV channel — during the attack, 700 prisoners tried to escape from the prison. All of them were captured. A terrorist group, associated with the ISIS, claimed the responsibility for the attack.

5 Ukraine

The Ukrainian special forces detained a man who threatened to detonate a bomb in the business center ‘Leonardo’, in the center of Kiev — the «112 Ukraine TV» reported. It was reported that the detainee is Sukhrob Karimov, a citizen of Uzbekistan, born in 1988. Earlier it became known that an unknown man entered the bank’s premises of the business center. The man stated that he has a bomb in his backpack. He asked to call the police. The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Anton Gerashchenko, reported on Facebook that «the terrorist was captured alive. There was no explosion». The Ukrainian Security Service spokesman reported that the man had some components of an explosive device. A criminal case was opened under the article ‘act of terrorism’, according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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