Ukraine used a «Tochka-U» missile on the center of Donetsk/ Civilians were killed


1 Donbass

Ukraine launched a «Tochka-U» missile with a banned cluster warhead at the center of the city of Donetsk. The missile was intercepted. According to the latest data — 23 people, including some children, were killed, and at least 18 were injured by the falling pieces of the missile. The victims stood in a line for an ATM at a bus stop. If the ’Tochka-U’ missile had reached its destination — the damage radius of 500 meters would cause a lot more victims. The cluster munitions are prohibited by the international law.

2 Donbass

The Russian forces destroyed the positions of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis and the Ukrainian forces in the residential areas along the perimeter of the city of Mariupol. The Ukrainian forces were deprived of the opportunity to prevent the evacuation of the civilian population. «The successful operation to unblock the city made it possible to open humanitarian corridors for the exit of civilians starting from 15:00 on 14th of March, and to proceed with the mass evacuation of the population, which had been held hostage by the neo-Nazis for a long time» — the head of the Russian National Defense Control Center, Mikhail Mizintsev, stated. The Russian Forces delivered some humanitarian aid, such as medicines and baby food, to the civilians. The joint operation of the Russian, the DPR, and the LPR forces on the liberation of Mariupol continues.

3 Donbass

Denis Pushilin, the head of the DPR, made a statement about the recent crimes of the Ukrainian militants. The Ukrainian terrorist battalions and regular forces are blocking the delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilian population of the DPR — mostly the recently liberated territories of Donbass. According to Denis Pushilin — the Ukrainian militants have used all their ammo and provisions. «The civilians are afraid that the humanitarian supplies will be taken by the Ukrainian nationalists» — the RIA NEWS quoted his words. After the shelling of a Donetsk mine by the Ukrainian forces, more than 80 miners were trapped underground. The rescuers are trying to get the miners to the surface.

4 Ukraine

Ukraine has suspended the recruitment of volunteers to the «International Legion of Territorial Defense» — the newspaper «Izvestia» reported. The decision was made after the elimination of about 180 foreign mercenaries by the Russian cruise missiles. One of the main organizers of the dispatch of the French fighters, Hugo Pellegrini, confirmed this information. He underlined that this initiative came from Ukraine. The spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, stated that up to 180 foreign mercenaries were killed, and a large shipment of weapons were destroyed as a result of the Russian missile strikes on the Ukrainian training centers — the RIA NEWS reported.

5 Russia

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijiang, stated that Russia didn’t ask China for a military help in the special military peace-enforcing operation in Ukraine. «Such reports are fake news» − the Chinese diplomat stated while commenting on a number of mass media stories published on this matter. He also pointed out that in the last few weeks the USA have been trying to spread a lot of fake news about China in relation to the Ukrainian situation. Zhao Lijiang clarified that China is trying to take a constructive stance, and promote the negotiation process between the opponents in order to find a peaceful solution.

6 Ukraine

The head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Mikhail Podolyak, stated that a technical pause in the negotiations between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations will last until 15th of March. «The technical pause has been taken until tomorrow for a further work in sub-working groups and for the clarification of the definitions. The negotiations will continue» — he stated on Twitter. The negotiations between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations took place on Monday, online. On 12th of March Mikhail Podolyak announced that special working subgroups had been created in the negotiation process. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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