USA will continue to sponsor Ukraine


1 the USA — Ukraine

The US Senator Ron Johnson, after his meeting with the Ukrainian President Vladimyr Zelensky, announced that the US will provide financial support for the security matters to Kiev in 2020, if the payment of $250 millions of dollars, provided for by Congress, won’t be made in 2019. He added that a group of US senators sent a letter to Donald Trump in which they tried to convince him to provide financial support to Ukraine. “If this won’t happen — we are confident that we will make an appropriate decision on the provision of the financial assistance in 2020” — Ron Johnson concluded. Earlier the CNN reported that the Donald Trump’s administration expressed its intention to stop providing military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $250 millions of dollars.

2 the USA — Russia

The head of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, Democrat Eliot Engel, and the Republican representative Michael McCall, urged Donald Trump to impose sanctions against the individuals allegedly responsibe for the human rights violations in Russia during the opposition protests in Moscow — RIA NEWS reports. The Congressmen also stated that they intend to work closely with the administration to bring the responsible individuals to the justice. The head of the International Committee of the Russian Federal Council, Konstantin Kosachev, called that statement «an interference in the Russian elections»

3 Russia

The participants of the »Eastern Economic Forum 2019» made deals on 3.5 trillions of rubles — »Interfax» reports while citing a statement of Yuri Trutnev — the Deputy Prime Minister and Plenipotentiary of the Russian President in the Far Eastern Federal District. The statement was made at a press conference after the forum. According to the statement, more than 270 agreements were signed at the forum. «More than 8,500 people from 65 countries worked at this forum. The most massive delegations were from Japan, China, Korea, and India. Large delegations arrived from Mongolia, the USA, the UK, and Malaysia. More than 90 events took place, the discussions were held in 4 blocks. 6-country meetings took place. A meeting of the Presidium of the State Council on the national program for the development of the Far East took place as well. Also — a plenary meeting with the leaders of 5 countries» — Yuri Trutnev concluded.

4 Italy — the USA — Russia

The US Department of Justice accused an employee of the ‘United Engine Corporation’, which is a part of the Russian state-owned corporation ‘Rostech’, Alexander Korshunov, in conspiracy and an attempted stealing of trade secrets. He was recently detained at the airport in Naples, by a request from Washington — »Interfax» reports while referring to the US Department of Justice press release on Thursday. The US suspect that he was engaged in an espionage at an Italian engine factory, belonging to an American concern. According to the US — the Russian top manager was trying to steal an intellectual property in order to complete the work on a Russian engine. The Italian law enforcers reported that the name of the Russian top manager was listed on Interpol’s wanted lists, which is why he was arrested. The diplomats from the Russian embassy in the US have already sent a note of protest to the US State Department due to the unlawful actions. They demanded to explain the reasons of the detention of Alexander Korshunov, and immediately withdraw the request for his extradition.

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