Violation of the ceasefire in Syria


1 Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Russia recorded 3 cases of ceasefire violations in Syria over the past day. «The Russian representatives from the joint Russian-Turkish commission of issues, related to the violations of the ceasefire, reported about 3 cases of firefights in the Idlib province. The Turkish representatives recorded 1 case of a firefight in the province of Latakia» — the statement reported.

2 Libya

The foreign ministers of Italy, Germany, France, and the head of the EU foreign service, Josep Borrell, called on the parties of the Libyan conflict, including the international players, to stop their military operations, and to participate in the «5+5» negotiations, as a joint military committee. «The efforts of the «5+5″ format should encourage all the parties to agree on a ceasefire, pull out all the foreign forces and mercenaries, as well as all the military equipment, delivered in violation of the UN embargo, from all parts of Libya» — the statement explained. «All parties must make a constructive contribution to the internal Libyan negotiations under the UN flag in order to pave the way for a complete political agreement in accordance with the parameters, agreed upon in Berlin» — the statement concluded.

3 Libya

The «Afrigate News» website reported that a group of armed men attacked the Libyan oil and gas refinery ‘Melita’ located on the Mediterranean coast. As a result of the attack — the gas supply via the gas pipeline to Italy was stopped. No details of the incident were given. The «Al Arabiya» TV reported that the attack was committed by a group, allied to the Libyan Government of National Accord, whose HQ is located in Tripoli. There were no official comments from the GNA on this event.

4 The USA

The US Secretary of Justice, attorney-general William Barr, stated during an interview to the ‘Fox News’ that the US officials intend to arrest a number of individuals, accused of organizing the unrest during the protests in the US over the past weeks. “I can’t set a timeline for these investigations. However, I think we are fully committed to curb these groups” — he explained. Earlier on Monday, William Barr announced that the US authorities are investigating a number of protesters, related to the US movement ‘Antifa’. He specified that these people were detained during the protests on charges of various crimes.

5 Japan

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced that Japan intends to take the initiative to develop a joint G7 statement regarding the situation with the bill on the national security in Hong Kong. «Japan intends to take the lead in the G7, given the need to publish a joint statement, based on the principle of »one country — two systems» — Shinzo Abe explained. Earlier on Monday, the newspaper ‘Yomiuri’ reported while citing their sources in the Japanese Foreign Ministry, that the G7 foreign affairs agencies are discussing the text of a possible joint statement, which is supposed to require Beijing to reconsider the decision to prepare a bill on the national security in Hong Kong. The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, stated that China has serious concerns about the statements of the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, about Hong Kong. “Beijing would like to remind that no country has the right to interfere in the internal Chinese affairs” — Chunying concluded.

6 China

The Chinese ambassador to Russia, Zhang Hanhui, announced during an online briefing that China supports an independent investigation of the cause of the coronavirus pandemic under the flag of the WHO, but China opposes the politicization of the issue. “We believe that the identification of the source is a scientific problem, not a political one” — the diplomat underlined. China is ready to cooperate with other countries, even the USA — the ambassador specified. He added that the US attacks on China are completely politicized, and are unreasonable. He also criticized the US decision to stop funding the WHO. He said that the USA «spits in the common well» with such action towards the WHO. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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