Vladimir Zelensky’s meeting with Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholz, Mario Draghi and Klaus Iohannis


1 The DPR

The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, stated to the RIA NEWS that the result of the special military operation in Ukraine should be the liberation of all Russian cities, including Odessa. «We need to liberate all the Russian cities» — he answered on the question about the fate of Odessa. Regarding the future of Vladimir Zelensky, Denis Pushilin noted that, in his opinion, he should appear before an international tribunal because of the war crimes in Donbass. Denis Pushilin supported the recent statement made by a member of the Russian parliament, Adam Delimhanov, who himself took part in the special operation. The MP expressed a hope that the goals of the operation will be achieved by the end of 2022.

2 Ukraine

The Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky met with the French President Emmanuel Macron, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and the Romanian leader, Klaus Iohannis, after their visit to the city of Irpen, in the Buchansky district, in the Kiev region. The fact that Macron, Scholz and Draghi plan to visit Kiev became known on 11th of June. The sources in the Ukrainian and the French governments reported that Berlin and Paris planned a joint visit for a while. The idea to invite Draghi belongs to the French side. The press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, stated on 16th of June that the representatives of European countries will discuss the matter of the Ukrainian grain. «I would like to hope that the leaders of those states won’t concentrate on the support of Ukraine only by pumping it with weapons» — he stated, and added that “it would be useless anyway. It will prolong the suffering of people, and cause more damage to Ukraine” — end of quote. Dmitry Peskov also expressed a hope that the European leaders who came to Kiev would suggest to Vladimir Zelensky to take a realistic look at the state of affairs.

3 Europe

The NATO countries have decided to consider the options of fortification of the defense of the eastern flank according to the «German model» — the Bloomberg reported. The German plan is to find forces to transfer to Lithuania, and link them up with the German and other NATO forces. The plan can replace the option with the regular presence of new troops in the most fragile NATO countries. The Bloomberg reported that not only Germany can pull this plan. The UK can do the same in Estonia, and France in Romania. Earlier, a Major-General of the US Army, Van Wagenen, announced the concentration on the Russian «hard power». The USA have also accused Moscow of violating the Russia-NATO Founding Act.

4 Russia

The head of the inter-departmental coordinating HQ of Russia, colonel-general Mikhail Mizintsev, stated that the Western countries are plundering the national wealth of Ukraine and Syria while hiding behind the so-called humanitarian concern. Mikhail Mizintsev added that as a result of the actions of the USA and their allies — the threat of the food shortage could take a global scale. Mikhail Mizintsev also stated that the Ukrainian authorities appointed the civilians of Severodonetsk, who ended up at the ’’Azot’’ chemical plant, the role of martyrs, following the Mariupol scenario.

5 The LPR

The Ukrainian troops disrupted the evacuation of civilians from the territory of the ’’Azot’’ chemical factory in Severodonetsk — Ivan Filiponenko reported. According to him, the Ukrainian forces forced the civilians to go inside the chemical factory, and they are using them as human shields. A corridor for a safe exit of citizens was organized, but Ukraine used artillery shelling. Earlier, some civilians were able to get out of the ’’Azot’’ factory. They told about a large number of foreign mercenaries. They disrupted the evacuation together with the Ukrainian forces.

6 The Republic of Donbass

The Ukrainian forces are actively shelling the city of Donetsk. The districts of Kirovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Petrovsky, and Proletarsky got hit the most. Several people were injured. The residential buildings and cars caught fire. A local school was damaged. Other settlements of the DPR were under fire as well. A woman died in the village of Yasinovataya. A local gas pipeline was broken. The town of Gorlovka was hit with MLRS ’Grad’. Over the past day, 8 civilians died and 16 people were injured in the LPR by the Ukrainian shelling. The town of Stakhanov was under a heavy fire of MLRS ’’Uragan’’. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS.

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