150 missiles will be delivered to Ukraine from the USA


1 the USA — Ukraine

The US State Department approved the sale of the ATGMs «Javelin» to Ukraine for almost $40 millions of dollars — RIA NEWS reports while citing a statement of the Defense Cooperation Agency in the Pentagon. The document noted that the »Javelins» will help Kiev to enhance the defensive potential needed to preserve the country’s territorial integrity. The ‘Javelins’ will also contribute to the US foreign policy and national security by enhancing the security of Ukraine. Earlier, the US Congress approved the sale of »Javelins» to Ukraine. It was reported that 150 missiles and 2 missile launchers will be delivered to the country.

2 Syria

The Syrian government forces, supported by the National Defense Forces, repelled ISIS terrorist attacks at the north-east of the city of Palmyra — TASS reports while citing »Al Watan». According to the »Al Watan» — the terrorists attacked the Syrian army positions along the »Es Sukhna – Deir ez-Zor» highway. They tried to capture the road, but the Syrian forces repelled the enemy. The terrorists had losses in manpower and vehicles. The Syrian Air Forces provided support for the ground troops by attacking the rear bases of the terrorists in the oasis of Ash Shul, deep in the Syrian desert.

3 Russia

The Russian Deputy Representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, proposed to relocate the next session of the First Committee of the General Assembly in 2020 to the outside of the USA — to Vienna or Geneva — Interfax reports. He underlined that the reason for such suggestion is the systematic violation of the USA of their own obligations, as the host, via the non-issuance of visas for a part of the Russian delegation, needed to participate in the UN General Assembly. According to him, this makes it impossible to conduct a dialogue on the most important issues of the disarmament and security. Earlier, Polyansky announced the Russian proposal to take a procedural pause in the work of the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, and switch to informal consultations until the USA issue the visas to the entire Russian delegation. The First Committee of the UN General Assembly deals with the disarmament issues and other related international security matters that affect the international community. The Committee is looking for solutions to the global problems in the context of the international security.

4 Denmark

«Denmark no longer has political issues regarding the laying of the «Nord Stream-2″ gas pipeline inside the exclusive economic zone. However, the approval for the construction is being delayed at the administrative level» — the »Izvestia» newspaper reports while citing their sources. The experts consider the environmental matters, as well as the suspension of the production at Denmark’s largest natural gas source as an additional argument in favor of the »Nord Stream-2». The latter makes Denmark think about the replacement of their gas with Norwegian or Russian gas — the newspaper specifies. Denmark remains the only country that doesn’t allow to lay the gas pipeline in its exclusive economic zone.

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