152 bodies of dead militants and servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were found at Azovstal


1 The DPR and the LPR

Disturbing news from the LPR. In the town of Stakhanov, a nursing home caught fire after a Ukrainian shelling. Old people, many of whom can’t move without an assistance, were trapped. The LPR representatives reported that some people died and some were wounded. A rescue operation is still underway. Meanwhile the Ukrainian nationalists opened fire on the residential areas in the town of Makeevka, in the DPR. 1 five-year-old child and 1 woman died. 1 man was injured. The Ukrainian radicals used an MLRS «Grad» against the town. A local school building and some houses were damaged. The cities of Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Gorlovka, and Yelenovka were under fire as well.

2 Ukraine

The criminal ’’Azov’’ regiment changes its emblem. Instead of the Nazi «wolf hook» that the SS troops once used, they will now use a stylized trident. «The Times» reported that it was done to prevent the Russian propaganda from claiming that Ukraine is in the grip of Nazism. The ’’ANNA NEWS’’ would like to add that the ’’Azov’’ didn’t make such action because they disavow their Nazi ideology. It was reported that the ’’Azov’’ is being revived on the same principles. Those ’principles’ were seen when those Ukrainian terrorists surrendered en masse in Mariupol. They had tattoos with swastikas, SS and Satanist symbols, portraits of Hitler and Bandera. Europe prefers to not notice all those things.

3 Poland

The Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, stated that Poland is moving on to seize the western territories of Ukraine. This is evidenced by the visit of the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, to Kiev, and also from his words that soon the border between Poland and Ukraine will cease to exist. Earlier Poland stopped supplying free fuel to Ukraine. Gasoline and diesel will continue to enter the country, but on a commercial basis.

4 Ukraine

The latest news about the progress of the special military operation. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Russian forces used precision-guided missiles to hit dozens of Ukrainian command posts, areas with armor and manpower, ammo depots and fuel depots. Many firing positions of MLRS Grad and Uragan and other weaponry were destroyed. The Russian anti-air forces shot down 1 SU-25 and 6 UAVs. Meanwhile Igor Konoshenkov reported about the horrific finds in the underground bunkers of Azovstal. 152 bodies of dead Ukrainian militants and servicemen were stored in a van with a broken cooling system. Before being taken prisoner, the commanders of the ’Azov’ regiment publicly appealed to Zelensky to take the bodies of the dead so that their families could bury them in the territory, controlled by Kiev. However, there were no requests from Kiev to take the bodies of the dead from the Azovstal. During the inspection of the van, the Russian sappers found 4 booby traps installed under the bodies of the dead Ukrainian servicemen. The total mass of the explosives was enough to destroy all the bodies in the van. Based on the results of the interrogations of the captured «Azov» terrorists, it was established that the placement of the explosives was a direct instruction from Kiev. The purpose of the provocation was to accuse Russia of destroying the remains of the bodies on a purpose, in order to prevent them from being taken out for a transfer to the relatives. The goal was to save the political “reputation” of the Kiev regime, and Vladimir Zelensky. In the near future, Russia plans to transfer the bodies of the Ukrainian militants and servicemen, found on the territory of the Azovstal factory, to the Ukrainian representatives.

5 Russia

Moscow has declared one of the employees of the Montenegrin embassy to be a persona non grata. «On 31st of May the Ambassador of Montenegro to Russia, Milorad Shchepanovich, was invited to the Russian Foreign Ministry, where he was given a note from the Ministry. The Russian Foreign Ministry took this measure in a response to the expulsion of 4 Russian diplomats from the embassy in Podgorica. They were declared persona non grata on 7th of April. On 19th of April the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro tweeted about the cutting of the diplomatic relations with Russia. Later, the same foreign ministry apologized to Russia, and recognized the publication as a mistake.

6 Turkey

Vladimir Zelensky told to Recep Tayyip Erdogan about his intention to meet with Vladimir Putin — the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, reported on 31st of May. The Turkish minister underlined that «the events in Ukraine have affected not only Ukrainians, but the whole world». He is calling for a comprehensive dialogue to end the conflict. On 30th of May, Recep Tayyip Erdogan held separate telephone conversations with the presidents of Russia and Ukraine. On 31st of May, the Ukrainian news agency «Vesti» reported, while citing the press secretary of the President of Ukraine, Sergei Nikiforov, that during a conversation with Erdogan, Zelensky agreed to the proposal to organize his meeting with Putin. According to Nikiforov, «the format of the meeting isn’t being discussed yet, it was an agreement to have such a meeting at all» — end of quote. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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