A fighter jet of the LNA attacked the International Airport of Tripoli || Breaking News


The Supreme National Security Council of Iran recognized the central command of the US armed forces, and the associated forces, as a »foreign terrorist organization» — Interfax reports while referring the Mehr agency. This decision was made in response to Washington’s decision to put the elite units of the Iranian Armed Forces — the “Islamic Revolution Guard Corps” to the list of the terrorist organizations. Earlier on Monday, the Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, sent a letter to the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with a request of retaliation against the United States. In the letter he accused the US central command of «covert and overt support of the terrorist groups in the region, and direct intervention in the terrorist activities». On Monday, Donald Trump announced his decision to include the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps in the list of terrorist organizations.

On Tuesday morning, a fighter jet of the Libyan National Army, led by the Field Marshal Khalafa Haftar, attacked the Tripoli International Airport — the Sky News Arabia tv channel reported. The aircraft targeted positions of the armed formations, loyal to the »government of national consent», led by Faiz Saraj, and currently ruling the capital. There is no information about the results of the bombing yet — TASS reports. On 4th of April, Haftar ordered to attack Tripoli. On 5th of April the international airport was captured. On Monday, the Libyan National Army announced their control over the majority of sub-urban areas of Tripoli. The Government of National Consent announced the start of a counter-offensive operation against the army of HAftar.

Parliamentary elections began in Israel. The polling stations will be open from 07:00 to 22:00 — the Associated Press reports. According to the Central Election Commission — more than 6 millions of people will be able to vote during the election. According to the latest public opinion polls — the main contenders for the victory in the elections are the »Likud» party of the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the centrist bloc of the »Kahol-Lavan» parties, led by the former head of the Israeli Army General Staff — Beni Ganz. Whether or not the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can keep his job — depends on the election.

The United States may impose sanctions against Egypt if Cairo buys Russian military aircraft — Interfax reports while citing a statement of the White House representative made during a briefing on the upcoming meeting between the US and Egyptian presidents — Donald Trump and Abdel Fattah al-Sisi — on Tuesday. The representative specified that the administration simply lacks “a lot of flexibility” given the law “On Countering America’s Opponents through Sanctions”, which provides sanctions against those involved in significant transactions with the Russian defense or intelligence agencies. The representative added that the US have already met similar situations with China, India and Turkey. The representative called the «countries that wish to maintain and expand their relations with the United States in the military matters to take this law very seriously»

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