A Saudi prince is involved in the murder of Khashoggi || Breaking News, 5th of December, 2018


The US senators expressed confidence that the Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud is directly related to the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi on the territory of the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, TASS reports. The director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, held a closed briefing for both republicans and democrats about the circumstances of the murder of the journalist. After the briefing, the Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsay Graham said: «There is not a single chance — not a single one — that this happened without the Crown Prince.» The senator expressed the opinion that «the prince is crazy. He is dangerous — he puts the relationship between the kingdom and the United States at risk.» Lindsay Graham opposed the sale of weapons to Riyadh “until all people, responsible for the murder of Khashoggi, are brought to justice”. He also called for sanctions against the Saudi prince.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed a hope that Russia will “immediately” release the detained Ukrainian sailors, while promising a “collective response” to Russia. “We hope that Russia will return the Ukrainian sailors that are being held today, and immediately so. We will prepare a collective response that will demonstrate that Russian behavior is unacceptable ”- RIA NEWS quotes his words. Earlier, Mike Pompeo said that the United States intend to develop a common NATO position on the incident in the Kerch Strait by discussing a «comprehensive response» during the upcoming meeting of foreign ministers from NATO countries in Brussels.

The Security Service of Ukraine accused the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church in distribution of materials that incite hostility — RIA NEWS reports with a reference to the Security Service of Ukraine. «A lot of printed materials were seized after the searches. The content incite religious and inter-religious hatred» — the report said. Special attention of the Security Service of Ukraine was given to the book «The Ukrainian Orthodox Church: the Relationship with the State. Relation to the ATO and the split of the Church. Questions and Answers». During the searches that lasted for 2 days — the security officers found 75 copies of the book. The Security Service of Ukraine underlined that there is «an expert opinion» that found the propaganda of a religious intolerance and insults to the feelings of believers in the book. Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities, including the president, stated that they do not intend to interfere in the affairs of the church.

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