Afghanistan. The Panjshir resistance


1 Afghanistan

At least 4 people were killed by Taliban gunfire, started to disperse a crowd celebrating the Independence Day in the Afghan city of Jalalabad, Nangarhar province. Another 3 people were captured, the RIA NEWS reported. On Thursday, people of Afghanistan celebrate the country’s Independence Day from Britain. The Afghans went to the streets with their national flags, which the Taliban tried to stop.

2 Afghanistan

Since Monday, at least 40 people were killed or injured in gunfires, street violence, and falling from planes at the Kabul airport. Some Afghan families reported that they are unaware of their sons’ whereabouts after they went to the Hamid Karzai International Airport in an attempt to leave the country. The ’TOLOnews’ reported that the lost men aren’t among those who were killed or seriously injured during the chaos at the airport that began on Sunday.

3 Afghanistan

Ahmad Massoud, son of the Mujahideen field commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, who fought against the Soviets and the Taliban, told to the ’Washington Post’ that he controls part of Afghanistan. He stated that he intends to take up the fight against the Taliban. He added that without the help of the West, especially the USA, his forces will be lost quickly. “I am writing from the Panjshir Valley. I am ready to follow in the footsteps of my father. The Mujahideen are ready to meet the Taliban again. We have stockpiles of ammo and weapons that we have patiently gathered since my father’s time. We knew that this day will come» — he stated in a text, published by the ’Washington Post’.

4 Turkey

The ’SANA NEWS’ reported that the Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries have resumed the rocket attacks on the residential areas of the Aleppo province. The local sources reported that the villages of Akiba, Shavarga, Az-Ziyar, and Ain-Dakna were hit, as a result of which the property of the local residents was damaged.

5 Russia

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, stated during a press conference that Russia is in favor of a nation-wide dialogue between all the opposing groups in Afghanistan, due to the reports of resistance to the Taliban in Panjshir. “There are reports of the situation in the Panjshir Valley, where the resistance forces of the Vice President of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, and Ahmad Masud, are concentrated. This makes our position even more consistent. In the situation when the whole Afghanistan is having a civil war, we suggest an urgent transition to a nation-wide dialogue with the participation of all the opposing Afghan forces. The Taliban took control of Kabul, most other cities, and most provinces of Afghanistan. We are in favor of a national dialogue» — Sergey Lavrov concluded.

6 Russia

A Russian fighter-jet MiG-29 crashed in the Astrakhan region. The plane crashed in the deserted area near the Ashuluk training ground. The pilot died. The flight was carried out without any weapons — the TASS news reported with a reference to the press service of the Southern Russian Military District. There were no casualties in the area. The reasons of the crash are still unknown. A commission of the Main Command of the Russian Air Force was sent to the crash site.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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