An explosion in Hasakah


1 Syria

‘Al-Ikhbariya’ TV reported that 1 person was killed, another 4 were injured in an explosion of a bomb hidden inside a motorcycle. The explosion took place in the city of al-Shaddadi, in the south of Hasakah, in north-east of Syria. No further details were published.

2 Syria

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria. On 15th of March the Russian and the Turkish military conducted the first joint patrol of the M4 highway in the Syrian province of Idlib. The patrol took place as part of the agreements, reached on 5th of March in Moscow, between the presidents of Russia and Turkey. It was reported that the patrol took a shorter route for the security reasons due to the provocations planned by the terrorists. The groups, not controlled by Turkey, «tried to use the civilians, including women and children, as a human shield». The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Turkey «has been given extra time to take measures to neutralize the terrorist groups, and to ensure the security of the joint patrolling of the M4 highway»

3 Libya

During a press conference in Cairo on Sunday, the official representative of the Libyan National Army, Ahmed al-Mismari, stated that Turkey has so far deployed about 2,000 terrorists from the ‘ISIS’ and the ‘Jebhat al-Nusra’ to Libya. As well as about 7,500 mercenaries from Syria. Ahmed al-Mismari stated that Turkey installed radar stations and missile systems at the air base ‘Mitig’, and also in Misurat. The Libyan National Army considers these actions to be a violation of the ceasefire, and they will respond immediately. According to Ahmed al-Mismari, the Libyan national army supports the truce, and is currently trying to prevent the groups of terrorists from using it for their own purposes.

4 Russia

On Monday, the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin ordered to prepare a plan of priority actions due to the spread of corona-virus before the end of Tuesday, 17th of March. The plan should include the trade support «to form a fairly reliable supply of the essential goods”. And also — to simplify the procedure for the deliveries within the country and from abroad, and also to “Declare a green corridor at the customs for the food and non-food essential goods”. Mikhail Mishustin added that “the full monitoring of the most important economic and social parameters will be tracked online”. To support the economy and the citizens due to the spread of the corona-virus — the Russian government can use a reserve of 300 billions of rubles. During his meeting with the deputy prime ministers he also instructed the deputy chairman of the government, Tatyana Golikova, to pass a bill, together with the parliament, that would allow to order over-the-counter medicine, and deliver it online.

5 Russia — Belarus

During an operational meeting the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated that the Russian authorities decided to close the border with Belarus in order to prevent the massive spread of the corona-virus. The press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, Anatoly Glaz, told to the TASS that the Belarusian Foreign Ministry is studying the information about the Russian decision to close the border. «The Belarusian side, together with the Russian side, is studying the decision of the Russian government» — TASS quoted Anatoly Glaz. Later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus plans to make explanations to the citizens due to the new measures taken in Russia.

6 Venezuela

The Russian ambassador to Venezuela, Sergei Melik-Baghdasarov, stated during an interview to the RIA NEWS that the Russian military experts continue their work in Venezuela by the invitation of the country’s legitimate authorities on the basis of the profile agreement that was signed back in 2001. The Russian specialists provide their technical service and they train the Venezuelan military technicians. “The interaction between the relevant departments and companies is being carried out on a daily basis. There are contacts between the Ministry of Defense and various services, all related to the military-technical cooperation” — the diplomat explained. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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